The Carinval of Coins 2024


It's July...The Carnival of Coins is Back! 

Every Summer we have an epic time as the Magic Community comes out in support of some incredible projects all celebrating our beloved art, Coin Magic. This summer, we will blow the doors off with even more amazing magic!


Join the fun by sharing your versions of these videos and anything coin magic with tags #carnivalofcoins and #copelandcoins

This Carnival...

Welcomes a full line up of first time Carnival Artists.

Over half of the artists are offering brand new releases.

Four of the projects are EXCLUSIVES.

Quality effects vetted from some of our favorite performers. Satisfaction guaranteed!

And ALL projects offer the VERY BEST price ever! SeRioUsLy...We've slashed prices this year.

...We have DEALS, BUNDLES, and a TON of VALUE with every video. You'll want to get them ALL. 

Marvel and Amaze at some of the best ideas in New Modern Coin Magic!

It's the Carnival, Baby!...Let's Go!



(Check out Last Year's Carnival.)