Avi Yap- Monarch
Avi Yap- Monarch
Avi Yap- Monarch
Avi Yap- Monarch

Avi Yap- Monarch

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Avi Yap is an absolute master, and this is his best project yet!


One of the most anticipated project releases by Avi Yap is finally here.

Wait... Who is Avi?

Avi is a superbly talented coin magician based in Singapore who had successfully fooled and entertained a lot of big-name magicians such as Chris Kenner, Chris Ramsey, Wayne Houchin- and the list goes on!

So what is Monarch?

Simply put, Monarch is Avi's handling of the classic "Chink-a-Chink" effect. But there's so much more than!

With a decade in the making and being one of Avi's oldest creations, Avi have spent a substantial amount of time to refine every aspect of the routine. What you will learn in this project is not just an effect or a trick, but an accumulation of experiences that Avi has worked on and gathered over the years. Whenever Avi performs, this is his go to routine, and after learning it, you will understand why!

Now FREE with a purchase of the Copeland Coin Shell!

Expanded Shell Promotion

This listing of Monarch is digital download only. To perform this routine, you'll need an expanded shell and 4 identical coins. Supply your own, or...

If you don't have a shell- you can purchase it here and get the download FREE for the month of July- thanks to our Carnival of Coins celebration!

Art Of Coins series!

After 10 years of working with coins, Avi has finally agreed to share with us his coin work through a series called "Art of Coins." Each chapter will share some of Avi's beautifully crafted routines that was reserved for his personal working repertoire. There's no better routine to kickstart "Art of Coins" than Monarch.

What's great about Monarch?

- Only requires one gimmick- an expanded shell!

- Straightforward to perform and to witness!
- It's highly visual!
- You could perform it completely surrounded!
- The routine is surprisingly easy to learn and do!
- Works perfectly as an ice-breaker and as a monumental piece of your show!
- It's freaking Avi Yap!!!

What You'll Receive:

- This is a digital download only product. No physical items included.

- The course lasts 30+ minutes

- You'll learn multiple sleights, subtleties, and performance tips!

Want to know more about Avi Yap?

Avi Yap is a superstar!
Check out his instagram - Avi Yap (@aviyap)  - for some absolutely stunning coin magic.
And don't forget about his website- Avi Yap Photography & Magic - for some spectacular photography, and his upcoming tour dates!

Carnival of Coins Disclaimer

This video is part of the Carnival of Coins and was produced independently of Copeland Coins. These videos do not contain the DAVE teaching method and the project does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Copeland Coins.

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