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Free Magic! Say What?

Welcome to the Official Copeland Coins Blog! 

This year I've been coming up with so many names for so many projects, I'm just going with the Copeland Coins Blog for now. 

You guys got a name? Wanna call it Coinstructors, like the Facebook Group? Add a comment and let me know. Or if you give me a compelling name and I use it, I'll send you a set of free Tiger Tan coins. How's that?

If you give a name I use, I'll send you a FREE Dollar and Half Dollar Tiger Tan Coin anywhere in the world!

Anyway, so the idea is to give you bite sized nuggets of information on magic that you can read on the go without loosing interest or overcommitting too much time. 

This magic blog is simple: A thought for the day. A challenge for the week. A theory to evaluate. A sleight to be pondered. Or, a story to make you think.

And notice I said magic, not coin magic... Though everything will be written and focusing on coin magic, the application on these posts will be for all magic and really your entire life. And the thoughts will be sourced from everywhere and everyone. Will you be sharing a post someday? I hope so.

The goal is that blog posts will stay at 500 words, or just 2 minutes of your time. But always, always a deep thought or question that will rattle in the halls of your mind to make you a better artist. That's what this is all about.... except for this first post.

Today, I just want to give y'all something for free. An incredible trick tutorial download. But, not just any download. A Digital Annotated Video Experience Download (DAVE), so you can get an idea of how we do things here at Copeland Coins. 

DAVE is my original creation for teaching and I hope you like him. He is a child born of the classic learning debate: Video vs. Book, which medium is better to study? DAVE gives you the best of both!

And of course, DAVE is full of those bite sized nuggets of magical wealth that this blog is all about. So why not start the blog with lot’s of love by giving away a download?!

I could write more about DAVE and tell you how I’m such a proud father, but I'd rather you just meet him yourself with this free download that will explain it all.

Also, we are already at the end of the first post. Told you. Bite sized little "blogg-ies."

So, go in the store now. Add the product "Corner Pocket" to your cart. Check out and use the code "POCKET" to get a full length DAVE download of an amazing trick absolutely FREE, no purchase necessary!

EDIT: Not all good things come to an end... but this promo had to stop somewhere. The discount POCKET is no longer valid... but a new code: POCKET42 will give you 42% off Corner Pocket. Maybe the greatest online deal you'll see all year for an anytime routine you can use for the rest of your life!

Make Beautiful Magic,



PS: Seriously, this amazing 3 phase trick is fun to perform, meticulously taught for any skill level and completely FREE with promo code: POCKET42! Get it now!

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  • David

    hmmmm a magic blog’s name with bits of informations on the art…
    Tourniquet!!! like a fantastic “merry-go-round” of infos.

    Magical bits….would turn “pièces” in french….and that also means coins…;-)

  • Sergio

    How about naming it: COPEing with Change?

  • Brian B

    How about “Coin Connivery” for your blog name?

  • Jason

    How about “Twisted Tails of the Obverse” or “Non-Denominational Church of Coins Newsletter” :)

  • Shawn De Cavia

    Magical Musings
    Copeland’s Corner

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