Make Your Magic BIG!

In this episode, we share 3 ways you can make your magic BIG, plus a special bonus tip straight from one of our most popular releases!
Check out the episode here:
Caleb tries Jeff's bonus tip to make a big display
The biggest takeaways from this episode are the simple ways you can massively increase the visual impact of your magic with a few simple changes.
A few of the display tips that Rick shows only take a bit of getting used to & help you really think differently about what your audience is seeing. Very nice ideas to improve clarity & strengthen your effects.
Caleb shares a couple things to keep in mind so you can make the best use of whatever lighting situation you find yourself in; further improving clarity of effect.
Jeff's points about movement & his bonus tip are fantastic ways to affect how your audience perceives your magic. More intriguing presentations & more impactful magic moments.
We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do & will subscribe & stay tuned for more tips to Make Beautiful Magic!
0:00 Countdown Timer
10:09 Welcome
11:32 Displays
17:04 Movement
20:36 Lighting
25:08 Q&A
29:52 Bonus Tip
36:21 More Q&A

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