That's the Gimmick!?!?


On our Youtube livestream, Jeff, Rick, & Caleb revealed the new Copeland Copper/Silver!

This is our first gimmicked coin release & we are very excited to share with you the results of our efforts!


Check it out here:

*Please excuse audio & video hiccups as we got used to our new software!
Thank you! *



0:00 Copper/Silver First Looks

2:12 Gimmick Revealed

4:26 Comparison to older model

8:52 How is it different?

12:15 Gimmick in action

13:44 History of the gimmick

19:52 Guess which is the gimmick Game

26:20 What’s included with the gimmick

29:43 Intro to the Copeland team

31:38 Q&A

44:26 Giveaway

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