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We would like to think we can!

The contest is over. But here is our new Kickstarter to make the coin.

It's the FLHEX project and it features an exciting deck of cards and a new coin with an odd shape, giving it similarities to both half dollars and silver dollars.

We have just a few days...Read about it and support our Kickstarter NOW!


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Ok Gang,

I'm making a new coin that is both Silver Dollar Size and Half Dollar Size at the same time. I know, that sounds crazy. Maybe it is. Can you figure out how this is possible? That's our Contest...

Tell me how I could make a coin that is both Silver Dollar Size and Half Dollar Size at the same time. Comment Below before November 5, 2019 CST for your chance to win TWO of these new coins!! 

This is all happening because I'm starting a Kickstarter for a new deck of cards for Cardistry. The Kickstarter is a side project, because we are obviously a Coin Magic company. 

However, there is a coin component to this Playing Card Kickstarter. I'm making a coin that goes along with the deck! It's a way to connect the Copeland Coins Brand, and we all like coins, so why not?

As stated above, this coin will be very special. Can you guess how it is possible to share both Silver Dollar and Half Dollar sizes in the same coin?

To be fair, I'm being intentionally vague about the description. And the size is not perfectly the same to both coins, but will be with in a couple of millimeters. Pretty stinking close, I would say!

As always, I reward everyone who enters into my contest. So it doesn't hurt to take a guess at what this new coin will look like.

Have fun! You are allowed two guess... in case you want to get creative with one of them and be more serious with the other.

Okay, that's it. Comment below for your chance to win!


Rules of Contest:

1. No purchase necessary.
2. Winner will receive two (2) of these new coins.
3. If the Kickstarter is not successful, these coin will not be minted and will not exist, so another coin prize may be substituted at Copeland Coins discretion.
4. Prize will be a physical reward and is not redeemable for cash value.
5. Prize will be shipped for free.
6. Must enter before the Kickstarter goes live on November 5, 2019.
7. Maximum two entries per person.
8. If more than one correct guess is submitted, then the name of one person will be randomly drawn from all correct answers submitted. 




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  • inquilymn

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  • Joseph Guidry

    How about a sacagewea dollar/Kennedy half copper silver?

  • Joseph Guidry

    How about a sacagewea dollar/Kennedy half copper silver?

  • Jeff Copeland

    The Kick…dang pop up, who put that stupid pop up window on the website every time I…who would give away 25% off the…[click] Excuse me. A-hem… The Kickstarter is now LIVE! That means entry into the Flash Contest is NOW closed. Did you get the right answer? Check here:

    Meanwhile, I’m going to have to take some time and sort through all these answers! Great work team, amazing response! IF there is an exact answer, I’ll announce it ASAP! Everyone else, thank you for entering! Remember I always offer rewards just for entering my contest. Open the next email to find out what I’m offering!

  • Chris

    On the half dollar you could have a A mini hinge holding the dollar ring that would go around it . This would than blend in when closed on top of the half .pinched between the fingers to show half. Either could conceal the mini hinge with proper hand placement.You could show the Half dollar then with a flip/toss up you could hide the half dollar than show the dollar. Shuttle pass to clean up.

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