Why I LOVE Coin Magic.

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Magic was a childhood hobby. By the time I was a teenager, I moved on to music and academics as interests. Had I known there were real magic teachers and videos to learn from at a young age, my life would be different with an earlier start in the fraternity.

When I got back into magic as a young adult I had one goal: To make anything vanish!

This desire was stirred up because that was the number one request from my spectators. I didn’t have many tricks in the beginning, so as soon as I got short on material, I was yielding to eager thrill seeker's requests to see more. 

The number one question: Can you make "this" disappear?

Can you make this hat disappear?
Can you make that pen disappear?
Can you make my wife…

Then came the follow up question: Can you make "this" appear?

95% of the time, the question was specifically, “Can you make money appear?”

So appearances and disappearances became my pursuit. To do those things. I studied more and more magic. And finally, I found coins.

On the surface, coin magic is about productions and vanishes.  

But, we know there is so much more with coin magic than just these two effects. My favorite thing about coin magic today is transformations.

I love a good color change of a solid metal coin that is then handed out to a spectator. Better still, a change that happens in a person's hand is tough to beat reaction-wise. I believe that metal morphing has a deeper, more primal impact than any paper card color change.

Coins can teleport, shape shift, multiply, fly, levitate, change states of matter, penetrate, magnetize and more… All while being able to create amazement in every culture. There are some places and some groups that will be offended or not know what to do with a deck of cards. 

Money always relates. Coin magic is universal.

Not to mention, you can perform with coins anywhere. Stage, parlor, close up, and street each have strengths with coins. Visual, audible, and tactile senses can all be regularly manipulated with coin magic, performing well in every arena. Mentalism and bizarre magic can even use coins as believable and minimalistic props.

There are hundreds of thousands of different styles of coins in the world. Each and every one has something unique.  It’s a prop that is found in almost every place, corner, and pocket of the world. Any coin, anywhere, is ready to perform magic. All you have to do is pick it up.

Performing magic with coins is captivating and worth our study. Putting in just a little effort, and practicing coin magic the correct way, will surely get you going in the right direction. That’s why I created DAVE. I hope you’ll study along with us.

Are you new to coin magic? Or do you have years of experience? What do you love about coins? What do you hate about coins? We want to know. Share your comments below:

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  • Bob Fayard

    Thank you,magic also help me,when i was going thru cancer.

  • Robb Fischer

    My dad collected coins after returning from WWII. When I was a kid I was fascinated by the cigar boxes of coins he had from around the world. Those beautiful pieces of metal were like pieces of art, and the sound they made as I searched through the boxes was like music. The worn faces seemed like pages in a book, as I imagined the story each coin could tell if it could speak. When I discovered magic, and then Bobo’s, I was hooked. Coins have always had a magical place in my life. Thank you for your passion Jeff!

  • Jeff Ashkettle

    I think we all wish we had started out at an earlier age. Many of us really wish we didn’t take that “break” for a couple/few years (especially for silly things like work, school, family :-) ). Although I do not think we would all be better for “skipping the break”. When I got to the “Professional level” of my magic, I was mostly a card, rubber band, sponge ball (and other such items) but my “Coin Magic” was limited to a Hopping Halves set and a Scotch and Soda set (which was actually the item that made me take the step from “card trick guy” to “Magician” in the serious sense).

    After almost 20 years, I got diagnosed with cancer and forced into an early retirement of my “real Job” and for the next 5+ years, Magic was my therapy and it helped me greatly to retain my sanity. I also decided to finally start taking “Coin Magic” very seriously. I met some really great people online who really helped me with my journey. Marion Boykin, Dr Michael Rubinstein, Mark Mason, Joe Mogar and Ben Salinas all went above and beyond to help me. Eventually, I met some more great creators like John Jurney and Jeff Copeland who both created wonderful coins and routines that are far before their times.

    I have all of the products (so far) that Jeff Copeland has to offer and I cannot praise this material and apparatus highly enough. His BlackBird, Traveler Wallet, Tresor Coins are simply "pieces of art. His teachings that he adds to go with the products are almost “Too much Information” for the very fair prices. This D.A.V.E. System is the perfect pairing of “Visual” learning and “Book / written” learning. Literally, the “BEST OF BOTH WORLDS”. This newest “GIFT” of “Pocket” is a very generous offer as well as a way to introduce D.A.V.E. to the masses in coin magic.

    I know for a fact that my “Coin Chops” have improved immensely in the last year and most of that is directly linked to Jeff Copeland’s products and teaching. Keep up the great work Jeff!

  • Adam Baranic

    The first trick my dad showed me when I was 6 years old was scotch and soda from then on I was hooked on coins but trying to learn stuff with real coins at ten was hard learning out of bobos so I put it on hold tell about 4 years ago I just love coins!

  • Tobias Odom

    Since my childhood I have loved magic. I have performed the same few card trick since I came across them as a child. Much later in life and for the last 3+ years I have been making rings out of coins. I have learned more about coins in the last few years then I ever new. I have been studying and watching coin magicians and am absolutely fascinated.

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