Copeland Care Terms & Conditions

Copeland Care Protection Policy Terms and Conditions.

Updated: October 30, 2024

For Loop Gold Insider Members

Thank you for joining Copeland Care. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing. By purchasing Copeland Care, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. Coverage: Copeland Care offers the customer up to 2 (two) repair/replacement credits of their Copeland Coins physical products (Tiger Tan Coin, Kingdom Coin, Copeland Copper/Silver, Money Goblet, Coin Box, Copeland Coin Shell, Viajero Wallet, Traveler Wallet, Coin Box Wallet, Blackbird, Coin Ring, Recoil, Bobo’s Bookmark) per year. We will repair or replace the product at our discretion, subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. All of your past and present Copeland Coins purchases are covered under this agreement as long as you are actively subscribing to Copeland Care in line with the terms and conditions listed below. 

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for coverage, you must be the original owner of the product and provide a valid proof of purchase from or a Copeland Coins dealer’s booth at a convention. Copeland Care is non-transferable and does not cover second-hand items. Copeland Care does not cover damage that happened to items that occurred before the first day of joining the Loop membership. Members must be be in paid, good standing for Copeland Care coverage and are eligible to send in claims after 31 days of enrollment.

  1. Duration: Copeland Care only offers 2 (two) repairs/replacement credits per customer, per 12-month year starting on the date of customer’s purchase of The Loop Subscription. If not utilized, these 2 (two) repairs/replacement credits expire at the end of the 12 month period and do not carry over to the next year but are renewed with 2 (two) new repair/replacement credits at the start of a new 12-month period for the customer’s subscription. Customers may not transfer their 2 (two) annual repair/replacement credits to any other person.

  1. Exclusions: Copeland Care offers repair or replacement to ensure an item’s functionality and does not cover products for loss or theft, intentionally caused damage, or any aesthetic damage which does not affect the intended and marketed functionality including: scratches, dents, cosmetic wear, patina, tarnishing, normal wear and tear, etc. (For example: a worn Copper Copeland Coin Ring would not be covered for expected tarnishing and rubbing off of details from wearing a soft metal.) Copeland Care does not cover damages or defects caused by unauthorized repairs, modifications, or natural disasters. Copeland Care does not offer coverage for the polishing of metal products. Copeland Coins advises against using polishes and does not cover damage created by polishing chemicals. Copeland Care does not cover services or repairs performed by anyone other than Copeland Coins.

    Copeland Care does not cover books or their components (ie: Unexplainable Acts by Gary Kurtz, Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic, etc.). Copeland Care does not cover physical products sold by but not produced by Copeland Coins directly (ie: Imagination Coins by Garrett Thomas, etc.) 

    US Government or any real silver coin sets or silver coin singles are not covered under Copeland Care as they are not produced by Copeland Coins. (A Copeland Copper/Silver with IllusionEdge is a produced product and therefore would be covered following the terms
     of this agreement.)

    Copeland Coins products sold in scratch and dent sales, second sales, B rated, floor model, prototype, cash convention sales, custom created, single issue, or other one of a kind type products are excluded from Copeland Care coverage. Items that are sold as used, damaged, "sold as is," or that may have been sold under another similar title indicating one of a kind status are excluded from Copeland Care coverage. Clearance sale items and items sold with published knowledge of being discontinued are excluded from Copeland Care coverage. 

  1. Claims Process: To request a repair/replacement please contact us at with your proof of current Loop Insider membership, several photos of the product in question, and a detailed description of the defect or damage. We may require additional information or evidence to assess eligibility.  Each request is evaluated by Copeland Coins via photos and description in email correspondence with the customer to determine the best course of action (final decision to repair or replace a product, will be determined ultimately by Copeland Coins, not the customer).

  1. Assessment and Resolution: Upon receiving your claim, we will assess the defect or damage and determine whether it is covered under Copeland Care. If approved, we will either repair or replace the product, depending on the extent of the defect or damage.

  1. Refunds: Copeland Care does not provide refunds or any cash benefit. If the product is deemed irreparable or out of stock, we will offer a replacement of equal value or store credit. 

  1. Shipping: You are responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning the defective or damaged product to us. Copeland Coins is responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning the repaired or replaced product to you. 

    If repair/replacement is possible and it is beneficial to the customer, Copeland Coins will offer an “at cost” shipping label for purchase and email that shipping label to the customer so the product to be repaired/replaced can be shipped to Copeland Coins. (customer is responsible for customs/duties/taxes associated with shipping from another country if applicable as per item "Shipping" below). Purchasing a Copeland Coins return shipping label is only possible if the product was originally purchased from online storefront. In person, convention sales will not have this option due to system regulations.

    If the customer wants to return the defective or damaged product with his own shipping service, we recommend using a trackable shipping service and purchasing shipping insurance for items over $75. The customer is responsible for all applicable import and export laws and regulations, all customs duties, all value added tax and other associated taxes and charges that may apply. These fees/taxes are the responsibility of the customer. They will not be paid by Copeland Coins.

    Upon receiving the item, Copeland Coins will repair/replace product and ship repaired/replaced product to customer. A repair/replacement credit is considered redeemed anytime a product is repaired/replaced for any reason (small or large).

  1. Limitation of Liability: Our liability under Copeland Care is limited to the repair or replacement of the product as outlined in these terms and conditions. We are not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. Copeland Care offers a repair or replacement service for Copeland Coins products in a timely manner as determined by Copeland Coins and shipping times. Therefore, Copeland Care does not guarantee repaired or replacement products to be received by a certain time and does not cover any loss due to the absence of a product or the failure of a product to arrive to the customer by a certain time. (ex: Copeland Coins is not responsible for a replacement product not arriving to customer on time for its inclusion in a particular performance, its inclusion in preparation for a performance, etc.) Some unique and limited quantity products may not be available at all times and replacement delays are possible. Copeland Coins may not be able repair discontinued items or special order items. Therefore, replacement items of equal value may be substituted in special cases.

  1. Deductible: Due to material costs in some items, Copeland Coins reserves the right to request a payment for the costs of certain items. The deductible is based on the current retail price of the product, not any discounted or sale prices offered. If the item was purchased in a bundle and it functions on its own apart from the bundle, then the deductible can be based only on the damaged item value at Copeland Coins’ discretion.

    Deductible pricing:
    Items under $150 USD. There is no deductible.
    Items between $150.01 - $300 USD. There is a $20 deductible.
    Items over $300.01 USD, there is a $25 deductible.

    Special provision:
    All items containing real silver up to $150 USD. There is a $15 deductible.
    All items containing real silver $150.01-$300 USD. There is a $30 deductible.
    All items containing real silver over $300.01 USD. There is a $45 deductible.

    Once Copeland Coins has received payment of any applicable deductible and the return of the damaged or defective item, items will be repaired or replaced. Do not send back items to Copeland Coins if the above terms have not been met. Copeland Coins is not responsible for returns that have not followed the terms outlined in this policy and will not accept packages on envelopes.

  1. Governing Law: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Galveston County, Texas, United States of America, the jurisdiction in which Copeland Magic LLC (Copeland Coins) operates. Copeland Coins reserves the right to edit or alter these official terms and conditions at any time as they see fit. Copeland Coins reserves the right to end Copeland Care at any time. In such a case, current subscribers who have unused repair/replacement credits at the time Copeland Care ends, will be allowed to use those credits for the remainder of their current 12-month period, after which time the credits will expire and no longer be renewed in the following 12-month period.

  1. Contact Us: If you have any questions or concerns regarding Copeland Care, please contact us at

    By purchasing Copeland Care, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.