COVID-19 and Current Shipping Policies

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Copeland Coins is dedicated to practicing government guidelines and doing our part to keep everyone safe during this unique time in modern history. We are practicing guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For more information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) and these guidelines, please read the information provided by the experts at the CDC.


COVID-19 Prevention:

General COVID-19 Information:


Shipping Polices:

We regularly ship packages several days through out the week. These days are typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and are we completely closed on Sundays. 

After leaving our store, domestic shipping has seen a one or two day mail carrier delay because of COVID-19 and other USPS carrier issues

USPS International Shipping has been dramatically impacted by COVID-19! Because of government quarantining and delays, some of our packages shipped via United States Post Office and local governments have arrived with extreme delays.

THEREFORE, we absolutely implore you to ship International orders via UPS  (United Parcel Service).

UPS has been delivering our packages within 3 to 5 business days globally and we have had no issues!

Reasons to Ship via UPS:

1. Delivery Time is super fast.

2. Packages are not lost

3. TAXES!!! We have found government post offices around the world adding increased VAT in 2020 and extra fees to deal with Covid and fundraise for increased government spending.
UPS has not added extra delivery fees! You will save money, sometimes, lots of money by shipping via UPS. Please, trust us! Paying a couple dollars more for UPS will save you time and money.

Fees and taxes are NOT the responsibility of Copeland Coins, so choose UPS and keep taxes low!

4. We discount our UPS rates. You are not paying full price for this expensive service.

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