Viajero Q & A

What is the best purse or wallet to carry your coins for magic?
The hope is you will answer, Viajero! Here are a few other questions you may have:


What does "Viajero" mean?
It is the Spanish word for "Voyager." At Copeland Coins, our products have names with just a little extra depth. Just like our magic.

Which Colors are available?
Mocha - A creamy, rich chocolate brown.  (Also available in 7cm size.)
Bronze - Light tan with a kiss of sunlight.
Coal - Classic black. Timeless. (Also available in 7cm size.)
Sangria - A bold red, fitting for a muscle car.  (Not in Beeswax at this time.)
Aqua - This color varies based on lot dies! Sometimes it comes in dark, other times brighter. It's kind of the color of acid tarnished metal. A beautiful complementary color to all coins.  (Also available in 7cm size.  (Not in Beeswax at this time.)
Royal - An ultra bright purple suede. In Natural Suede the outer is nice a lavender. Add the Beeswax Finish to the outeside and it turns into a deep, mysterious purple.
Stone - A heathered grey. Easy to find in a dark space. Add the Beeswax Finish and it appears to be made out of Granite!
NEW! Indigo Twilight - This color is the backside of the sky, the sun is setting, but there is still light on the other horizon. Make no mistake it's not dark blue, it almost glows!
NEW! Citrus Orange - A very fun, bright orange color just. like fruit peel!  You can't miss this wallet if looking for your coins in a dark bag! It's Hi-Vis!
Cabo Beach & Cabo and Coal - Wishing you could be on the sandy beaches of Cabo, Mexico? Now you can carry that dream in your pocket with our sandy beach colored wallets!
Sangria and Coal  - a whimsical checkered pattern. It is elegant, fun, or both(Also available in 7cm size.  Not in Beeswax at this time.)
Aqua and Coal - a cool mix of style for a chill evening or street performance.  (Also available in 7cm size. Not in Beeswax at this time.)
Bronze and Coal - a good pour of Black and Tan (Also available in 7cm size.)
Bronze and Mocha - a subtle swirl of Brown and Tan (Also available in 7cm size.)

In extremely limited quantities: 
Royal and Coal - Part trippy, part classy. This combo will be sure to intrigue
Stone and 
Coal - Fun or Formal? Maybe both. Try in the Beeswax Finish for a really unique look.
Mocha and Coal - For a Western, for Steam Punk, for Ren Fair. For You!

...And More!!!

Please Note: Not all colors are available in every size or texture. If option is listed "NOT AVAILABLE" we do not carry it. If listed "SOLD OUT" it is out of stock.

What Sizes are available?
Viajero comes in two sizes. Classic 6cm and XL 7cm. A small difference that makes the latter 36% bigger! Both sizes are great for Dollar 38mm or Half Dollar 31.5mm sized coins. Color options may be limited on XL size at this time.

How many coins does Viajero fit?
The Classic size holds 4-5 dollar sized coins or 5-6 half dollars. The XL holds 5-6 dollar sized coins or 8-10 half dollar sized coins. The Beeswax version is a little firmer and tighter, therefore it will be on the low side of these estimates, particularly until the leather is “broken in,” whereafter it may stretch to hold an extra coin.  

How do the colors last?
With normal wear and carry, the colors have stayed true and the dye has not bleed onto clothing or coins. The Beeswax Finish will make the original colors several shades darker.

How is Viajero different from Traveler?
Viajero uses the same folding pattern as Traveler. It differs from Traveler in both color and texture. As well, it is not gimmicked. The XL differs in size (Not all XL wallets appear in photographs.) It is a different product, produced apart from Murphy's Magic and with their blessing.

Does Viajero come with any bonus material?
Yes, the Beeswax Finish Viajero comes with a recharge kit: A 100% beeswax coin (approx. 3 grams), a recycled soft cotton cloth, and a mini DAVE teaching video on how reapply your waxed finish should it need to be recharged. This is designed to keep your wallet conditioned and ready for use for many, many years to come.

What does the Beeswax Finish feel like?
The Beeswax Finish makes the leather almost stiff, but with just a little body warmth (from being in your pocket), it becomes rather pliable. It is actually hard to describe the feel. It’s just nice. It’s not like other products on the magic market which may leave residue on your finger tips or leave you feeling slick, greasy, or icky-sticky. The beeswax is made in the United States of America. Combined with the goatskin leather, it creates the perfect feeling and provides a mild application of grip, readying your hands for magic.

Searching for words, we’ve come up with some analogies about how subtle the Beeswax feels on your hands versus other products marketed for better grip:

It’s like a misty morning, rather than a tropical storm.
It’s like a gentle whisper, rather than a megaphone blast.
It’s like a soft caress, rather than a chiropractic adjustment.
It’s like a 25 year old Scotch, rather than a cheap Tequila.

The Beeswax Finish is exactly what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

What does the Natural Suede version feel like?
It’s about as soft as a premium cotton T-shirt. It’s comfy and a little floppy. Particularly the 7cm XL will be very flexible without the Beeswax Finish. Some colors are softer than others. We want to be clear, the Natural Suede is not just soft... it's super soft! (Note: The Beeswax Finish is only applied to the outside of the wallet, so the inside remains soft suede.)

How long does the Beeswax Finish last?
The Beeswaxed Viajero is shipped with a liberally applied, dual coating. It’s a laborious hand staining for the first application. The Beeswax Finish is an incredible value for the time and cost to produce, plus it includes the mini DAVE instructional for care and maintenance.

The Beeswax Finish should last six months to a year depending on your daily use. However, beeswax does not go bad if you leave it stored properly, so it can last indefinitely if you take a break from using it. The Viajero wallet folding pattern protects the Finish exceptionally well, because when closed, the folds actually cover 80% of the leather that is coated, keeping the beeswax veiled and ready!

Each Beeswax Finish wallet comes with a recharge kit that should last you for years!  Separate, extended recharge kits with the DAVE teaching video are also available for purchase.

Is the Beeswax Viajero safe for coins?
We are unaware of any negative side effects from our leather or beeswax. If anything, the sueded leather may clean your coins. The Beeswax is never applied to the inside of the wallet, just the outside as we are not trying to coat the coins in wax, rather lightly glaze our finger tips. Some silver polishing products contain waxes to prevent the metal from tarnishing. If anything, the wax should help to lock in the current color of your coins, should that be tarnished or bright silver. 

Is Beeswax and/or Viajero safe for me?
The Beeswax Finish Viajero is treated with a 100% natural, Texas sourced beeswax from honeybee honeycombs! For some hard to stain colors, we have been experimenting with blending in premium, FDA approved food grade and/or plant based waxes with our beeswax. These waxes are natural and sustainably sourced! They have been used to give some wallets a more even color. We never sacrifice quality at Copeland Coins, so we only use the finest waxes available. Beeswax is the main wax on these wallets and you'll note that your wallet will have a sleight honey odor, confirming the purity of the beeswax finish!

Beeswax has been found to be antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and full of Vitamin A. It is considered by many people to be therapeutic and is used in candles, lotions, makeup, and lip balm...things you touch, breath, and digest. Leather and beeswax are animal products. It has been reported that some people could have allergic reactions to beeswax and/or tanned leather. If you have concerns about wax, beeswax, or tanned leather, you should consult your doctor before purchasing or using.





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