D.A.V.E. [Live] Experience: Rick Holcombe
Rick Holcombe

D.A.V.E. [Live] Experience: Rick Holcombe

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“Pack small...play big...be stealth”


**Live Lecture has already occurred this is a recording**



Rick’s work is clever, practical, and well-routined with, and this is the best part, a sense of humor and a focus on what the audience experiences. 

-Curtis Kam


Amazing content! 

- Nick R. 


Great thinking! I’ve done coins for more than 50 years and am happy to learn some fine points and new thinking! 

- Todd G.


Cleanest coin work I’ve seen to date!!! 

- Manny D.


Rick Holcombe is an underground LEGEND in the world of coin magic, with over 500,000 views on Youtube, his innovative thinking continues to impress both veteran magicians & those brand new to the game...


And in this live lecture, you'll experience Rick's ultimate approach to PACK SMALL PLAY BIG magic!


Here's what he'll teach:


Triple Crown This is Rick’s favorite routine to perform because it features 3 amazing effects in one! Imagine 3 coins that each have a different magical ability. You'll have coins vanishing, appearing, traveling, penetrating objects, and changing colors in a whirlwind of magic!

AFCA (Another Freaking Coins Across) Yes...another Coins Across routine but THIS is different! You’ll learn a rarely used technique that puts you so far ahead of the audience...you’re basically done before the trick even starts!

Double Trouble This is 2 routines in one that take FULL ADVANTAGE of a common gaff...the copper/silver coin (available as part of the Lecture Package). The perfect EDC routine to involve your spectators in a shocking visual experience. The coins change color back and forth before finally changing IN THE SPECTATOR'S HAND!

You'll also learn:

  • Rick's expert tips to add finesse to fundamental sleights
  • How to combine multiple effects into larger routines
  • The most effective way to use gaffed coins to maximize their impact
  • Alternate setups for a plethora of different ways to perform these routines
  • Connecting these routines together into a full coin act!


This DAVE [Live] Experience is the first of it's kind...

With 3 camera angles so you don't miss a thing... 

On-screen notes, references, & crediting integrated live to help you absorb the material faster & more thoroughly...

We've taken our highly-rated D.A.V.E. System (Digital Annotated Video Experience) that we use for all our top quality downloads & delivered it to you for the first time ever in this LIVE format!

PLUS, if you join live, you can join in the Q&A to ask Rick any questions about the material or it's applications!

AND, everyone who purchase tickets to attend live will also get the recorded download of the lecture INCLUDED in their ticket price.

We have also put together a LECTURE PACKAGE (available for purchase separately here) so you can be sure to have everything you need to perform all of the routines Rick will teach. (simply add the lecture ticket to cart to see the Lecture Package add-on)

Who's this for?

This lecture is geared toward the advanced beginner to intermediate magician.

Rick will show you how to squeeze the absolute most out of just 5 coins & a coin purse (all part of the Lecture Package available for purchase separately)

You will come away with an arsenal of material that can be done both in the hands or on the table so you're ready to perform...



Secure your seat for this D.A.V.E. [live] Experience now!

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