Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set
Silver Dollar Set

Silver Dollar Set

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Premium quality, hand selected sets of real US silver dollar coins for sleights.


***Our real silver coins are hard to obtain. Please be patient as we are always collecting. Use the Notify button above to know the moment new coins are added.***


For some Coin Artists it is difficult to obtain real United States Government Silver Coins in matching sets at an affordable price. 

So Copeland Coins will be offering sets of guaranteed genuine, US Silver coins for purchase when available. These coins are dealer's choice, meaning you will not receive the coins in the photographs, but will receive coins of similar if not better quality! Guaranteed.

Copeland has hand selected each set to keep variances to a minimum for maximum magic potential. There is great value knowing that each coin will work perfectly with the others in the set. Serious time and money is saved by purchasing a matching set of coins.

What is included?

  • Set of 5 US Dollar Sized Coins in the type and style of your choice.*
  • FREE 6cm Viajero Wallet! Select any in stock wallet, discount is automatic in cart! See details below.
  • Insurance on coins during shipping (standard shipping cost may still be added at checkout.)***

Quick Stats

Real Silver is an investment. With Global market uncertainty and constant change, there is one thing that is almost guaranteed: The value and price of real silver will continue to go up!

Condition: Coins will be circulated with the exception of 40% Eisenhower, they are uncirculated.

Size: These coins are all 38mm in diameter and vary from around 2-3mm in thickness
Details: Good - Basically all text is readable and coins are easily identified as amazing US currency. Dates may be worn, but usually readable. Excellent presentation pieces for magic.
Softness: On a scale of one to ten with ten being the softest: Soft Morgans are 8-9/10 -These coins are all nice and smooth with absolute minimal to no defects in faces, rims and edges. Faces are beginning to be worn flat, but still have rather clear and good details. Detailed Morgans are 7/10 on softness with raised rims and full details. Slick Morgans are the hardest to make into sets and are very rare. They are 9.5 or 10/10 for softness but usually that means dates are rubbed off and reeded edges are gone. Most magicians prefer Soft Morgans. 
Soft Peace are 8/10 - Very soft and smooth, but the faces have more details and are not as quiet. Detailed Peace are 7/10 and though feel great as real silver, they have sharper details and are not as smooth.

Detailed Eisenhower Clad are 2/10 and Detailed Eisenhower Proofs are 4/10. Eisenhower coins have a different metal composition and while they can become softened or even slick, it would most likely be from a mechanical process and we do not offer them at this time. The proof coins will feel very similar to a 90% silver coin, but they will still not be "soft."
Reeded Edges: Sets will have worn edges that still exhibit moderate grip. Eisenhowers will have new reeded edges.
Patina: Each Dealer's Choice coin is compared to the photographs taken and will be similar in contrast. They will have great silver highlights and good shading, exhibiting an all around posh look.
Matching:   Morgans are approximately 92% similarity between coins (it very hard for us to source matching coins right now), Peace are approximately 96% similarity between coins, Eisenhower Proofs are approximately 99% matching, Eisenhower Clad are approximately 95% matching.
Dates: Various - Similar decades and exact matching dates are always used in consideration of making sets, but there will most likely be several different years. We do not guarantee dates as they are insignificant to 99.9% of professional sleight of hand.
Magical Touch:  Excellent - These coins were chosen for magic by a professional who has performed for more than 20 years of his life. Each set has a great look and feel. These coins look beautiful and your audience will appreciate them too! Take home a set of Silver Dollars, they will serve you well for a lifetime!**†

What the best dollar coins for magic tricks?

United States silver coins are the "golden" standard among magicians because of their ability to capture and reflect light, sound, weight, superior grip, and soft feel. One of the easiest ways to elevate your magic is to have quality props like our brand name coins and real silver coins. Copeland Coins recommends dollar size coins when at all possible because they are bigger and make more visual magic. Among 38mm silver coins, these coin are for purchase when available:

Morgan: The most desired large coin by sleight of hand artist worldwide, Morgan sets the standard for excellent, visible manipulation. 90% silver, these coins handle like a dream and have just the right amount of historical pocket carry to make them perfect for sleight of hand. Their history gives them incredible tone and beauty and they just don't stay in stock here long.

Soft Morgan: Beginners to advanced workers love soft Morgan Dollars, you will too! They are usually what you see photographed and used in social media videos. They have all the desired characteristics for sleight of hand and everyone should own a set.

Detailed Morgan: (These coins have not yet been photographed.) They were not circulated as long and have more details than most 90% silver coins. Most of these coins will have a 1921 date. They have very little if any tarnish on them. Their color is bright silver. Do not expect to have the historic patina on these coins, but they are Morgans and will get it with time. Being made of 90% silver they will wear down and become a soft coin with everyday pocket carry. With every day use you will see monthly progress. These coins have raised rims and are not as quiet as circulated coins, yet still have a softer silver touch. An amazing coin, they will look like a newer version of the Morgans in the photographs.

Peace: Commissioned to celebrate global peace at the end of the First World War, Peace Dollars' reverse side feature an Eagle with her wings at rest. An awesome, 90% silver coin from the 1920 & 30s, they were not circulated long before being collected and thus are not as smoothed down and typically exhibit a brighter silver color. The rims on the edges of the coins may be a little raise and the coins are not as quiet as Morgans. But the advantage goes to Peace Dollars on weight. They are typically a gram or two heavier than Morgans because they didn't wear down as much and they almost always have better reeded edges, too. (Because of the weight and grip, these are favorite of Jeff Copeland and were used to film Reialme).

Soft Peace: These coins are soft for sure, but not as worn and usually thicker than soft Morgans. They are a great choice for a brighter coin with more weight. They work great in coin boxes and for coin flourishes!

Detailed Peace: are similar to detailed Morgan description above. They have raised rims and there are sharper lines on the coins.

Eisenhower: (All of our Eisenhower are detailed coins) Minted in the 1970s, these modern-ish coins are a great way to get into "BIG Money Manip!" The size and weight is all there. If your hands are at least a medium size, you may try dollar sized coins to make your magic more visible and to get the best responses. Eisenhower Clad are an economical way to switch over to large coins. When available, the Eisenhower Proofs containing 40% silver are a great way start using the benefits of real silver. Eisenhower Proofs have possibly the best edge grips of any US coin ever minted.

The 40% Silver Eisenhower Proofs are now available both in Mirror or Matte Finish!! These coins were minted two different ways. The Mirror Finish was created by a double stamping process that creates a brilliant luster as seen in the photographs. The Matte Finish Eisenhower color looks more like a traditional silver coin. Both style of these coins present advantages. Please note, ONLY the Mirror Finish Eisenhower are seen in the photographs at this time.

Important Notice

These are not collector's coins. They are chosen for sleight of hand performance which in a different way makes them special and hard to find. 

Every coin is a historical artifact, there will be ever so minor differences and they will not look identical to the coins in the pictures. That being said, Copeland Coins works very hard to make these sets perfect for their intended purpose: Make Beautiful Magic. 

It is simply not worth the time to be hassled with the return of coins that are not sufficient, so every coin is examined and tested to be up to all these high standards listed above before being shipped to you.

Free Viajero Wallet Instructions

  1. Add your desired coin set to cart.
  2. Add any Natural Suede 6cm Viajero Wallet  to cart. 
  3. The wallet color must be available at time of purchase. Sorry, no backorders on this special offer.
  4. No discount code needed. The $29.95 Wallet price will automatically be deducted at checkout.
  5. You are allowed one FREE 6 cm sized wallet per each coin set purchased. No limit. Yay!
  6. This offer may not combine with some other offers.
  7. The FREE Viajero wallet is a discount up to $29.95 USD. You may pay the difference to get a different priced Viajero!


*It is highly recommended that you never clean or polish your coins. Simply use them everyday and the silver highlights will become more brilliant naturally. The coins will also begin to adapt and match more closely when they interact with your skin through weeks of practice.

**These are Copeland Coins's independent ratings and are a subjective opinion. Buyer must understand this before purchasing and should feel free to ask questions before purchasing. Please contact Copeland Coins before ordering from outside of the United States to insure shipping is possible. Please read our sales terms.

***While other coin venders may add on Insurance costs in extra fees, Copeland Coins includes this in the purchase price. It is mandatory for shipping valuable coins and will not be removed. When applicable, standard shipping costs may be be added on at check out as a normal purchase.

Looking for single coins? View singles here.

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