Okito Fly
Okito Fly
Okito Fly
Okito Fly
Okito Fly
Okito Fly
Okito Fly
Okito Fly
Okito Fly

Okito Fly

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Make Coin magic play BIG! Bring the magic into your spectator’s hands with 3 beautiful new routines!


Following the success of Roo’s first release Brass Class, (his foundational coin box masterclass found here) we’re excited to unveil his new project Okito Fly!

Experienced magicians know that to get strong reactions, you can’t go wrong with the classics of magic & it’s hard to beat tricks that happen in the spectators hands…




A Classic Magic Tool Revamped for the Modern Performer!


You Will Learn

Okito Fly: An in-and-out style routine which marries 3 Fly and the Okito Box under the guise of a childhood fantasy.

Brass Portal: With the introduction of a purse frame, an impossible connection is made between two seemingly normal brass objects...

What Box?: A stunningly visual and direct effect taking the coins across plot and flipping it on its head!

All three pieces of magic leave you spectators with an electrifying, kicker ending that will CEMENT YOUR PERFORMANCE in their minds FOREVER!

What is Included?

  • 3 new strolling Coin Box routines that bring the magic off the table & into the spectators hands with beautiful moves & handlings that are just as delightful to watch as they are to experience
  • Teaching through our revolutionary DAVE System (Digital Annotated Video Experience) to combine book, pictures, & video all in one to help you learn FASTER THAN EVER.
  • Bring your own Coin Box and coins or get yours here. Rooster teaches the routines using our elite Copeland Coin Box, but you can start learning today with what you have & treat yourself to our coin box when you’re ready!

Who has something to say?

"Coinfolk will love this remarkably clever marriage of Threefly and The Box." 
- Curtis Kam

"A streamlined and clean Okito Box routine that will serve both the worker and the hobbyist well!"
- Myles Thornton

"FRESH! Roo's work on the Okito box looks effortless but more importantly; it feels natural. With an innovative approach, concise routining and pragmatic methodology... I will be dedicating time to learn from Roo."
- Lloyd Barnes

"Why didn't I think of that?! Love these ideas, really creative." 
- Rick Holcombe

Why is it Unique?

Overcome Limits: Make your coin box magic BIGGER by shifting the focus from the table & into your spectator's hands!

Get Inspired: See how Roo has tied amazing techniques together & even created a few of his own to construct 3 hyper-visual routines!

Amplify Your Magic: These routines showcase the interaction between you & your spectators as they experience the reactions & emotions that come from the magic in their hands!

We're excited for you to get your hands (& your spectator's hands) on these routines & experience the beautiful magic that's possible with just a few coins & a coin box.


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Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer.

David Kenny,
Critic from Magic Orthodoxy

Another great learning experience from Copeland Coins! Amazing routines and unique handling of the coins. Very pleased with all of Jeff’s incredibly high quality products.

Jack L.,
Reviewing Insights

Exceptional quality and customer service. The money goblet is one of the finest made props I have ever purchased - the quality of the work that has gone into this is second to none, every small detail making for the ultimate version of this effect.

Andrew D.,
Reviewing The Money Goblet
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