Sly Palm
Sly Palm
Sly Palm
Sly Palm
Sly Palm
Sly Palm

Sly Palm

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Completely Updated and Remastered! Learn to hide a coin in an open hand with no gimmicks!


Rick Holcombe's debut release to the magic community, Sly Palm is a perfect example of New Modern Coin Magic.

This project features a vault load of material centered around a brand new sleight. The beauty of Sly Palm is it's as versatile and amazing as Classic Palm, yet it doesn't need any of those difficult to train palming muscles. 

It's a true gem. It will make you think, adapt, and progress.  Most importantly, you'll learn something new about coin magic by watching Rick teach this novel development to our art!

This is a project to get excited about because its fun, original, and out of the box thinking. As Rick puts it, Sly Palm is a new "tool." It has as many applications as a Crescent Wrench. In other words, its fits everywhere!


Quick Stats

  • You will learn the SLY PALM position and handling of the coin. A new, original idea!
  • There are NO GIMMICKS. Use your own regular coins and personal hands.
  • BEGINNER to ADVANCED. The Sly Palm itself is a beginner sleight and has lots of beginner applications! The main routine taught will take some practice as there is intermediate and advanced material in this project; however, the Sly Palm meets you where you are at in terms of skill. Anyone can do it and put it into performance!
  • Learn via Copeland Coins' original teaching method, DAVE. You will receive a DAVE video, a regular video (good for mobile viewing, and an eBook featuring notes and detailed, close up photographs of each sleight. 3 Products in one, Yay! Read about DAVE here.
  • Run time of 40+ MINUTES.
  • Taught with SUPERIOR clarity and pace by a great teacher.

What is Included?

  • Sly Palm is a project. It is a complete system built around a unique and novel concealment.

  • ALL the "ins and outs" of the Sly Palm.
  • BAREHAND displays that convincingly and most importantly subtly show your hands empty.
  • Bunches of brand new VANISHES and PRODUCTIONS. 
  • Cool color changes, steals, click pass, transfers and other SNEAKY applications.
  • Tons of TIPS and IDEAS to put Sly Palm in your practiced routines. It's very easy to plug into what you already perform!
  • ROUTINE: High & Dry - A multi-phase vanish and reappearance of 3 coins with barehands that feels and looks right!
  • BONUS ROUTINE: Dollar to Dollar. A fingertip Paper Bill to Coin transposition.
  • Nothing held back. EVERYTHING is revealed!

About the Artist

When I first met Rick Holcombe I knew he thought different. His magic charmed me...And that is hard to do.

I could tell he understood something few people truly get a grasp on: the ability to simplify complex sleights and structures.  Follow me here...Rick's not shying away from sleight of hand or those moves that are traditionally spoke of as "difficult." He's not watering down the impact by removing convincers or key deception points... Rather, he's finding ways to get results with less effort. And now you can, too!

For example, take Sly Palm...The sleight is easy. It's easy to hold. It's easy to get into. It's fun to practice and I find myself fiddling with all day long. Are the performance or routines taught self working? No. Please don't misunderstand, there is some advanced stuff in this project. One of the displays will take work to get down the angles.

BUT, the basic Sly Palm is a beginner move! You will be performing it quickly. And if you already have a routine with any kind of retention vanish or bare hand production, then you should be able to place Sly Palm into it immediately!

Further, with some practice, you will use this to fool the snot of out lay people and magicians alike, because it really is clean.

Ricky is a solid teacher and covers every detail at a pace any student can follow. I love Sly Palm because it's great thinking. And when you start great thinking, great advancements to our art will happen, just like Sly Palm.

Support Rick Holcombe. He's given us a gift.

Jeff Copeland


* The complete product, including the frame and pictures, known as DAVE is best viewed on a screen that is 11 inches or larger. A bigger screen will help to fit all the information, so you can comfortably read all the details (the text, pictures, and video) in the same space. Each purchase also includes a regular teaching video without notes (that is great for mobile viewing) and an eBook of the project all included for no extra cost. Awesome!


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