Creatures Coin Album

Videos are accessed with the Copeland Decoder Coin!


How to use the Copeland Decoder Coin:


1. Place the Copeland Decoder Coin with the Sphinx (Flying Lion) side up on the back of the Creatures Album. On this side of the coin you will see the English alphabet in CAPITAL letters.

2. Next, you will line the hole in the coin to a specific number on the encryption wheel. The encryption wheel has lower case letters. This will allow you to crack our cipher (secret message) by matching CAPITAL letters on the coin with lower case letters on the album!

3. The all lowercase translation of the cipher will be your video password!


Dragon Coins Information Video:

Secret number, Please use: 24

Cipher is: CWKEQ

password hint is: the hobit.





 Kraken Coins Information Video:

Secret number: 24

Cipher is BOVOKCO.


 Need more help solving the puzzle? Important things to remember:

- The album ring of letters are the letters used in the password.

- The UPPER CASE letters on the coin are used for the cipher.

- Line up the hole on the coin with the secret number on the album to line up the letters to solve the puzzle.

- The password, typed in all lower case, is the password to watch the video below!

 (Still having trouble? The password is at the bottom of this page!)









*If you are using the postcard decoder wheel the secret number for Kraken is 23 and the password will still need to be written in lower case letters.



Kraken password is: release


The number is 24


Dragon password is: smaug


The number is 20