Hey Fellow Traveler,

You may be wondering, "What is this postcard and decoder coin all about?"

I'll tell you... It is a fun way to unlock a video that is my personal invitation to join our brand new membership. I've only mailed these to our most valuable customers.

I want to give a full, in depth video to our closest friends, something that might cut through any hype and let you see how much total value we are offering in our brand new community.

I really want you to experience everything in the Loop, and that is why I'm even offering a money back guarantee.

Anyway, I mailed a physical invitation, the most direct and interesting way to get your attention. The team and I came up with the decoder coin as a fun introduction to the creativity of this new insider gathering!

You've trusted us with so many innovations over the years. And now, this brand new community, called the Loop, is the next evolution of Copeland Coin's delivery on quality teaching and coins, all at a value price that is too good to pass up.

Will you join us? You know how we deliver. Now, give the Loop a chance to WOW you over and over as your magic progresses with new videos and live community!

We officially launch in 2024, right after the Holidays, but Black Friday gives us the best opportunity to promote and gather members.

This is our invitation, sent just to the people that follow us the closest. I believe your help will be vital to our success. Will you jump in?

I sure hope you will sign up today and become one of the first insiders. You will get $75 in free, physical gifts, including a special limited edition, Founding Member Coin! 

Check out your personal invitation video by following the directions below.

Your Friend,
Jeff Copeland


How to use this Decoder Coin:


1. Place the decoder coin with the Sphinx (Flying Lion) side up on the back of the postcard. You will see the English alphabet and a hole in the coin on this side of the coin.

2. Next, line the hole to a specific number on the encryption wheel printed on the back of the postcard. This will allow you to crack our cipher (secret message) by matching letters on the coin with letters on the postcard!

Important things to know:

- The postcard ring of letters are the letters of the cipher.

- Once you know the number, the letters on the coin are used to solve the correct password.

- The password, typed in all CAPITALS, is the password to watch the video below!



But, how does someone know which number to view through the hole on the decoder coin?

Simple, you need answer this easy question:

What year was Copeland Coins founded?

a. 1999
c. 2011
d. 2017
e. 2021

Hint: If you don't know, our About Page will surely help you out! 


Now, use the last two digits of the correct year as the key to solving the puzzle. Line up your decoder coin hole over that two digit number.

Congratulations! You now have the letters aligned for the decryption. Here is the cipher:


To solve, remember the cipher letters above are on the postcard. You will change the postcard letters to the letters on the coin for the password. Good luck! Once you have your solution, use the password to unlock this video below. (Having trouble? Watch this video.)













Need some more help? Can't solve the password? Watch this video or we'll give you the password here. Just this once! :)