Erdnase Magic Store

Is Erdnase Magic Store Safe?

There a lots of great deals out there when purchasing magic teaching videos. Sometimes those deals and offers are so low and priced too good to be true. Is ErdnaseMagicStore legit? Can I trust Erdnase Magic Shop with it's super low prices? I want to save money and this is a great option.

The truth about Erdnase is that it is a pirate magic shop. What is a pirate shop?

A pirated magic shop is one that steals and redistributes content at a fraction of the price while paying zero dollars to the content creator. 

Let's look at how that works... In order for a pirate shop to get content, they must first purchase it full price. That is simple. They go a legitimate store, such as and make a purchase. But not just any purchase, a purchase with a stolen credit card. After all they are pirates. That's what they do: Steal from other people.

But, it's not just any credit card. It's another pirate's credit card. After all, that is what they do: Steal from other pirates. And that could mean you!

When you shop at Erdnase Magic Store, you become a pirate. You are guilty by association. There is no wiggle room. It's called pirating. You might be reading this right now because you are hoping for a loop hole. There is not. Continue on...

Legitimate store owners know pirates use stolen information because we can actually detect pirate activity and follow their trails. They are not invisible.

So when you shop at a pirated store, a store that steals information, just know that they steal your information, too. They then use it themselves or turn around and use that information and sell other pirates! Why would you trust a known thief?

There is no honor among...

So, when you shop at a pirate site, your credit card information, your personal information, your life all becomes another owned product to that pirate.

All decisions have consequences. At a pirated site like Erdnase, it becomes a risky and selfish endeavor. Risky to your financial freedom and well being.

It is selfish because the pirate only makes prices so low by not paying royalties to your brothers and sisters in magic who do the real creating. The expenses of R&D, prototypes, filming, airline flights, studio fees, rigs and cameras, meals, and all the million little costs that add up while running a business are not paid by the pirate.

Imagine if you created a novel gizmo or idea and someone else sold it using your likeness, content, and intellectual property and didn't pay you a dime. How would you feel? Imagine that you were dependent on that income and spent your time so that you had no other job and then someone took your paycheck out of your hand and cashed it in their bank account? That is exactly what Erdnase does. Do you want to be associated with someone like that? The answer should be "NO!" for us all.

Piracy is not a victimless crime.

Support magic creators. They are your brothers and sister. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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