Year Two in Review

State of the Brand Address 

I want to shout out a big thank you to everyone for an incredible second year of business at Copeland Coins! (Also, there is a thank you sale at the end of this letter. Read the end for details!)

It only happens because of you. Your feedback, your reviews, your word of mouth, and your financial support are vital. It keeps us going and working hard.  

If you are reading this, you belong to a very tiny slice of the global human population that is passionate or at least intrigued by performing sleight-of-hand coin magic. 

There are plenty of outfits developing general magic. And even a few cousins who are just into card magic. Though you personally may dabble in or enjoy all forms of illusions and trickery, myself included, with this brand we get to focus just on advancing coin work. And we are already seeing results. 

As we start our third year in business, I'd like to recap all of last year's accomplishments.


Year Two in Review

- In the summer of 2018, the Kingdom Coin was introduced. The idea of a hyper-visual, bronze coin has been very well received. With a unique shaped hole, it has been turning heads every time I perform with it and I hope for you, too. From all feedback received, lay people love this "old bronze coin."  It's been very popular across Europe, especially in France, as you may imagine. 

 - Partnered with the Kingdom Coin, Reialme was released. The Brand's second two coin album and DAVE combo. Critics gave it high praise everywhere it was reviewed. Magic Orthodoxy Reviews stated, "Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer." 

- In addition to the two coin albums, we introduced two 8 Coin Collectors' Albums: Tiger Tan and Kingdom. A great way to show case the coins. Both albums have been enjoyed by performers and collectors alike. I'd like to thank Patricio Teran @donpatricioteran for posting several matrix videos using his Kingdom Coin set on Instagram!

- Copeland Coins hosted the World’s First COINtest, a month long global video competition consisting of only coin magic! We had so many original entries and thousands of votes, it was a great gathering. This contest brought in a broad perspective of performances and introduced thousands of lay people to our art. The contest awarded over $500 worth of prizes to three lucky winners!! (Last chance to watch the videos, the gallery will be taken down later this month.) 

- A few months later, Traveler got a companion product. Murphy's Magic, who currently holds the production contract on the original wallet and secret gimmick was not interested in releasing the Traveler in new colors and variations. (I now understand why they said, "No" to the idea. It's really difficult and time consuming to manage all the inventory. There are currently 52 variations!!)  After some dialog and making a couple of changes from Traveler, Murphy's gave me their blessing to release: Viajero

 - It was through Murphy’s request for making a different wallet from Traveler, that I was motivated to add the Beeswax Finish, which seems to be a first for coin magic and the first time a wallet has been covertly used to apply a skin modifier. Beeswax is quite Nature's gift. It has the perfect amount of "tacky" and a flexible leather wallet is a perfect applicator. As well, it was as if the ancient folding pattern of Viajero was made to hold beeswax. As the wallet closes “half inside-out”, the outside walls holding the beeswax are veiled. This keeps the precious beeswax sealed and protected while in your pocket. 

- Finally, Early in 2019, Copeland Coins released the first contributing artist project, Insights, featuring Danny Goldsmith. Danny has been an incredible addition to the team and set a high standard for all future artists who will join this unique brand. Insights has been highly praised by critics and reviewers alike for being well produced and value priced. It was our best selling product by volume the last 12 months!

It didn't seem like much at the time, but, WOW! That's a ton of work and a lot of people to make all those projects come to life in 12 months, from our tiny brand.


Year Two Giving Back

- Trésor and the Tiger Tan Coin continues to generously provide support and awareness for Tigers and Orangutans. Partnered with the Copeland Family Giving Trust, we gave an additional $1500 the the World Wildlife Fund, a total of $3000 now, towards conservation efforts!

- In April to celebrate Earth Day/Month, we planted trees for online orders. Through, we funded 400 trees to be planted in Indonesia! As well, my family had collected old bubble mailers from online purchases. We used them to ship almost all of our orders in recycled packaging! 

- Every Junior Member of the Magic Castle got a free download of Corner Pocket. These kids are really cool and super respectful. They sent lots of thank you notes!


New Additions

- If you've ordered a physical product in the last few months, it was probably shipped by Kirstin. She is now the second point of contact for the brand and has shipped hundreds of orders. A huge addition to the brands capabilities! Thank your Kirstin, you've helped to keep me sane! As always, we strive hard to provide the best possible customer service and Kirstin is helping us grow that reputation

- My single car garage has officially been converted into a recording studio. Sorry Danny Goldsmith…it wasn’t too hot when we filmed down here in Houston. Haha. But now its even air conditioned which was a life saver when shooting Sly Palm! (So by the way, if you've watched Insights, you've been to my house.)

With the studio, we've sunk quite a bit of our revenue into creating a permanent space with good lighting and comfort to capture quality teaching videos. Thank my wife for the support of taking up so much space at home.


Challenges Moving Forward

- We are in need of a consistent video editor. The main thing that slows down the contributing artist projects in the time it takes me to edit. If you know anyone that does quality work, submit their name. Please!


- We are small. Coin magic may not be the biggest market in the world, but we hope if you receive a quality, value packed product every time, you'll continue to support the work and artists and we will grow. We are trying to do great things beyond our time and beyond our capital resources. Balancing life responsibilities with these limited resources is the greatest challenge moving forward.



So, All that to say. You are a very special group of people.

Though we are just a handful of folks who are interested in advancing coin magic, we have the opportunity to impact millions with our reach through social media and everyday performance.

I hope you will maintain a part of the community because we are seeing some exciting advancements in our art.

Our magic looks different.

We seek traditional methods of sleight of hand performance, but desire to create special effects style magic. We share anywhere and everywhere. That may mean at the coffee shop, an office party, stage, on the streets, or Instagram and other prerecorded social media.


We do things different.


We not only study, but also apply good theory.


We discuss in social forums, chat rooms, and group texts. Not about politics, about magic.


We are looking for the next break through.


Classically, bad angles were feared. Now, we identify angles to teach how to create ultra-clean handlings through overlooked sleights and new grips. We seek to understand angles, exploit them, and then perfect them.


Historically, sleights were hidden. They were performed in the offbeat, in the shadows, and at moment of misdirection. While still effective to do so, we now create sleights that can stand against repetitive video viewing and sleights that can be visually burned by our live audiences. Once upon a time, misdirection set up magic moments to happen away from the secret move, now the secret move can be the actual magic moment!

Inspired to create hyper-visual moments, just like we see in CGI movies, our magic has a visual nature that capitalizes light and lets the movements like a dance become the art.


I hope you will continue along with us and be a part of something positive. This is Copeland Coins and our desire to Make Beautiful Magic.

Jeff Copeland




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