3 Four Free
3 Four Free
3 Four Free
3 Four Free
3 Four Free

3 Four Free

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Welcome to Copeland Coins! Learn Four Fabulous Tricks for FREE!


Have you ever wanted to learn coin magic but not sure where to start? There is no better video course than 3 Four Free.

In this quick introduction, Jeff Copeland will take you from zero skills to "seasoned beginner" in about ten minutes. That's right, no experience is necessary to perform four amazing magic effects with coins.

The very best part about learning magic with coins is that it will make you a better performer in all your magic. Join Jeff and experience what makes Copeland Coins products so unique with this special introduction course..."Four" FREE!

What's Included?

  • A fun, digital download course featuring four coin magic tricks that anyone can do.
  • All taught via our D.A.V.E. teaching method that makes learning so easy!
  • Bonus: Get 15 minutes of extra lessons, tips, and theory from several of our best selling projects!

What is Taught?

The effects in this project are geared towards people that are new to coin magic, of course anyone can enjoy and get better by watching this course!

  • How to Vanish a Coin - Jeff teaches two of his favorite go to methods for cleanly vanishing a coin and demonstrates multiple magical ways to reproduce the coin from impossible locations
  • Coin Thru Table - A classic effect that can be performed on the spot anytime you are seated with friends for dinner! This one fools more than just the eyes.
  • Coin to Mug - A magician is taught to never repeat a trick...But in this audience fooler, a coin vanishes and jumps to a mug, not once but twice! Two methods are taught with multiple layers of deception to create a quick and easy fooler!
  • Simple Coins Across - Jeff teaches a clever and simple way to make four coins travel across your two hands. The last coin jumps from one hand to the other right in front of the audiences' noses!
  • Bonus material - Get 15 minutes of FREE teaching material, selected from some of our best selling projects!

Want More to Learn?

3 Four Free is a great place to start. But what is next? Are you ready to perform amazing, deeply deceptive sleight of hand? And are you wanting to make magic that is more than a trick, dare I say beautiful?

Join the Loop. It is the membership designed to Make Beautiful Magic. It is designed for you!

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Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer.

David Kenny,
Critic from Magic Orthodoxy

Another great learning experience from Copeland Coins! Amazing routines and unique handling of the coins. Very pleased with all of Jeff’s incredibly high quality products.

Jack L.,
Reviewing Insights

Exceptional quality and customer service. The money goblet is one of the finest made props I have ever purchased - the quality of the work that has gone into this is second to none, every small detail making for the ultimate version of this effect.

Andrew D.,
Reviewing The Money Goblet
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Copeland Coins gives you the tools and teaching to create astonishing moments, no mater what your coin magic experience. Card magic folks are welcome here, too!