Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic

Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic

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The Greatest Coin Magic Book for ALL skill levels! A must have in every library.


 The Undisputed Bible of Coin Magic! This is Newest Printing and Latest Edition of one of the World's most important magic books.

Coin Magic can be performed any time, anywhere, and on the spur of the moment. With the late J. B. Bobo's Basic through Advanced collection of know-how, the best feats of the World's Expert Coin Workers can be yours! 

Get ready to always be ready with this timeless book,
featuring a NEW, EXCLUSIVE Cover. Don’t forget to pair it with the NEW, EXCLUSIVE bookmark. 

Bobo wrote this book from his experience and collecting tricks over many years. He simplified the wide knowledge of coin sleights, tricks, and presentations and made it accessible to everyone.

John Braun, Editor of The Linking Ring worked elbow to elbow with Bobo, editing the text. Nelson Hahne, Magic's foremost illustrator, amplified the sleights and tricks with almost seven-hundred of his clear-cut drawings. Together this team created a classic book that has stood the test of time. Accept no substitutes, Copeland Coins brings you the full, unabridged hardback edition. 

About the Book

Just about every great name in coin magic from the era is represented. These famous coin workers are represented with their favorite coin trick. No book in magic is equal to it. Edited by John Braun, illustrated by Nelson Hahne. The finest paper, typesetting, binding, and materials have been used. A lifetime aid to your magic. Hardbound. 519 pages, 422 tricks and sleights, 669 illustrations. Wow!

About the Bookmark

The "Bobo Bookmark" is a corner bookmark, meaning that it hugs on the top corner of the pages instead of sliding down the spine.

What makes the "Bobo Bookmark" completely unique among all bookmarks is that it has been modeled after Copeland Coin's wallets, allowing it to hold a coin or coins. This way, as soon as you open your favorite book, you will be ready to practice while reading!

Each wallet is rugged hand cut and handmade with golden stitches.

Available in five fantastic colors...Including Erdnase Green - a tribute to the color of the cover of the first edition of S. W. Erdnase's Expert at the Card Table.

How does it work?
Simply slip a half dozen or so page corners into the bookmark and close the book as you normally would. The 100% leather bookmark hangs on by friction and clearly marks your page on ANY favorite book.

Uniquely, you may also place a half dollar (or similar sized coin) in the slot under the Copeland Coins embossed logo to securely hold it by friction. You can also fit a dollar size (or larger) coin in the big flap against the pages!

About the New Book Cover

For the first time, Ever Elizalde, joins the Team of Copeland Coin's Contributing Artists...As a picture artist! Ever's brilliant drawing skills capture the amazement of J. B. Bobo live, like never seen before.

The fictitious cover art came from a Jeff Copeland idea of combining the two sides of Bobo's life long career. Among magicians, Bobo was known as a magician's magician. He could entertain the best minds and gathered praise and respect among his peers. But his day job, little known to most magicians, was a children's performer for public school assemblies!

Bobo was known to perform as many as 400 kids shows a year. That's right, 400 shows in one single year! He really knew how to pack, price, and deliver his shows to be one of the most prolific performers in all of history.

The New Copeland Coin's Exclusive Book Cover celebrates the life of J.B. Bobo and his dual performance career.

The back cover is a mock educational poster advertising Coin Magic Class while the inside flaps share quotes and favorite routines out of the book from some of today's greatest coin magicians!

The front cover is Bobo himself.

In the playful artwork, he is seen in coat and tails standing tall in his prime. Bobo performs mythical coin magic as if on stage for all magicians to witness. But in this final performance, he is at home in the hallway of an elementary school that grows dark. Bobo stands proud in the fading spot light created by sunlight through a school house window.

This will be a treasured piece to truly remember the life of this Great Performer. J.B. Bobo (1910-1996).

What's Included?

  • Each Variant Option will contain the item in the description.
  • Options include:
    • Book with New Book Cover
    • Bookmark Only
    • New Book Cover Only (must select No Bookmark option)
    • New Book Cover & Bookmark
    • Book with New Book Cover & Bookmark
  • NO Coins Are Included.
  • The New Modern Coin Magic of J. B. Bobo includes hundreds of items!! Such as:
    • Coin Concealments
    • Basic Sleights
    • Vanishes
    • Quick Tricks
    • Cuffing
    • Art of Sleeving (18 Methods)
    • Coins Across (25 Methods)
    • 35 Coin Classics
    • Five Kinds of Coin Boxes with 12 Tricks
    • 32 Tricks with Trick Coins
    • 18 with Shells and Folding Halves
    • Stage Coin Magic
    • Four Master Routines for Miser's Dream
    • Stanley Collins Section
    • 18 Complete Coin Acts
    • 57 Varied Coin Tricks
    • 35 Trick Coin Tricks
    • 3 More Coin Boxes with 17 Tricks

WHY this version?

There are many printings of J.B. Bobo's book in existence. This Book is the ONLY version licensed by the original publisher. Hear this first: It's NOT a knock off copy.

As well, this version of Bobo's is called "The NEW Modern Coin Magic." Don't be fooled by inferior paperback copies.

This complete version contains way more material than other versions! Four More Chapters!! Approximately 150 more pages!!!

Plus it's a hardback book....

Plus it's larger print and easier to study....

Plus Copeland Coins offers the New, EXCLUSIVE Cover Art and the EXCLUSIVE Bobo Bookmark which holds a coin for practice! These items are found nowhere else.

This Book bundle belongs in your collection and on your desk for your hands and eyes to study!


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Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer.

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Exceptional quality and customer service. The money goblet is one of the finest made props I have ever purchased - the quality of the work that has gone into this is second to none, every small detail making for the ultimate version of this effect.

Andrew D.,
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