David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Book
David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Book
David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Book
David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Book

David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Book

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Back in Print! Learn magic from the Father of Modern Coin Magic. Limited Stock!


"First let me state that David Roth has an amazing abiltity when performing with coins. He is truly a genius." - Dai Vernon


This book is the REAL WORK of coin magic taught by the Coin Master himself, David Roth. It is a must-have for all coin magicians.

In this book, Roth's wide repertoire of stunning sleight of hand is captured in 369 pages of meticulous documentation and clear illustrations.

This book is foundational and we are honored to have it in stock for the coin magic community.

Stock is limited. Get one while you can!

What's Included?

The Contents Are Massive:

Section One - Magic in the Hands
  • The Retention Vanish
  • Fingertip Retention Vanish
  • The Shuffle Pass
  • Roth Palm Change
  • Skinner's Spidergrip Vanish
  • Lapping A Coin From the Closed Fist
  • The Kaps Subtlety
  • Benzais Friction Palm
  • Three-Coin Click Pass
  • The Flurry
  • Stand up Flurry Climax

Chapter 2

  • Deep Palm Tenkai Pennies
  • Deep Palm Tenkai Double Vanish
  • Deep Palm Tenkai Merge
  • Karate Coin For Professional Performance
  • Continuous Spellbound
  • Pulling Off Ten Cents
  • A Mighty Squeeze
  • Squeeze It
  • A Funnel Coin In Bottle
  • New Wave Coin In Bottle

Chapter 10

  • Out With Four
  • Out With Five
  • Out In Out
  • Coins Through Hand
  • Four Halves To Four Dimes
  • A Chinese Climax
  • Thumb Steal To Edge Grip
  • Out With Four a la Edge Grip
  • Copper Flight
  • Triple Change Climax
  • Copper/Silver For Magicians No.1
  • Copper/Silver For Magicians No.2
  • Three Silvers And One Copper
  • The Sokito Box
  • Four-Coin Transposition
  • The Heavy Box Routine
  • The Nokito box

Section Three - Magic At The Table

  • The Table
  • Purse And Glass
  • The Ruler
  • The Portable Hole
  • The Micrometer
  • The Planet
  • The Funnel
  • Linking Coins II
  • The Rainbow
  • The Sleeve
  • Silly Putty
  • The Salt Shaker
  • The Stamp Trick
  • The Tuning Fork
Hardbound and Fully Illustrated


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What We Love!

Roth was a clever and devoted magician. If you ever got a chance to shake his hand, you could feel the hours of practice and energy in his palms. No joke! He had body builder type muscles in his hands from manipulating silver half dollars for over half a century.

So, when that same guy collects all of his work and effort and teaches it in a hardbound book, edited by Richard Kaufman, you know you have something special.

At Copeland Coins, we carry only a sliver of products that we did not product. Expert Coin Magic makes our list of top coin magic essentials. Pick up your copy here today and you, too, will understand why this book is amazing!

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