Gold Edition Traveler
Gold Edition Traveler
Gold Edition Traveler
Gold Edition Traveler

Gold Edition Traveler

Regular price$29.95

Some of the only Traveler wallets left in stock worldwide!



Our craftsman accidentally used a different colored thread on this run of Traveler Wallets so we're giving you a Traveler for a steal!

If you already own the Traveler, you know the secret gimmick is crafted in a way that it hides in plain sight. This is the same quality you've come to expect from Copeland Coins but because of this new thread color, the handling of the gimmick may need to be modified just a bit…

Jeff explains in the video below: 

There are less than 10 of these in stock so don’t miss your chance to get this Special Edition Traveler Wallet! And we are keeping them at the $29.95 price point!!

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Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer.

David Kenny,
Critic from Magic Orthodoxy

Another great learning experience from Copeland Coins! Amazing routines and unique handling of the coins. Very pleased with all of Jeff’s incredibly high quality products.

Jack L.,
Reviewing Insights

Exceptional quality and customer service. The money goblet is one of the finest made props I have ever purchased - the quality of the work that has gone into this is second to none, every small detail making for the ultimate version of this effect.

Andrew D.,
Reviewing The Money Goblet
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