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A master class of New Modern Coin Magic moves wonderfully tied together in a beautiful routine.


"Some of the smoothest and softest coin magic I have ever seen. Beautiful to watch."
-Doc Eason

Insights is an exceptional One Coin Routine packed with brand new sleights from the leading innovative coin magician on the Internet, Danny Goldsmith. The project includes the acclaimed DG Retention Vanish and highly praised Fingertip Fling, not to mention the Balance Production and Balance Vanish among other sleights and variations in this fully loaded interactive experience.

You will learn the ins and outs of performing every move and illusion. Everything is covered in detail during this full-length, 40 minute lesson. Taught online via the quick-learning, DAVE format, you will learn some of the most visual coin magic ever imagined!!

The Insights Routine is a well timed and exceptionally balanced plot that takes your coin magic to the next level. Always exciting, Goldsmith wows his audience with Insights every time because every phase is different and most important... unpredictable!

Goldsmith teaches all the little, important details and the working theory on why this is the best one coin routine ever released!


Quick Stats

  • Learn the complete Insights one coin routine, full of New Modern Coin Magic via instant video download.
  • Completely Impromptu! No gimmicks. Just supply your own coins (Or available for purchase here.)
  • First half of the project is the complete Insights routine and the second half is bonus, bonus, bonus ideas!
  • Exceptional value, nothing held back! Danny is a very generous and talented teacher!


 “Danny is a strong force in coin magic! His thinking is creative and fresh.
Keep an eye on this guy!"
- Nicholas Lawrence


"Insights is incredibly well taught and full of fun ideas!"
-Moritz Mueller

“A playful and refined one coin routine. Danny is a joy to watch! You can tell he loves it, too."

- Branden Wolf

What is Included?

  • The complete Insights One Coin Routine, taught streaming online via DAVE.
  • The Fingertip Fling - Goldsmith's magical shooting of a coin from the very fingertips. It looks impossible with no tells and no noticeable finger movement...but it's kinda easy to master! It’s a daily “go-to” effect.
  • The DG Retention Vanish - This is the move that put Goldsmith on everyone's radar. A perfect retention with a long burn and no tells...A misleading vanish that leaves the magician in a natural and ideal position for reproducing the coin!
  • The Balance Production and Balance Vanish - A clever new way to hold a coin that opens an arsenal of options for concealments. You're gonna have fun!
  • Plus many more! ...Like this bonus: The Balance Transfer - A stand alone additional effect, that is an open hands coin transfer. It's squeaky clean and naturally fooling, even to the magic fraternity. This one alone is worth the price of admission!
  • Also included are practice tips, examples, theories, angle management, and more!

About the Artist

The first video I saw of Danny Goldsmith made my jaw drop. It involved the DG Retention, one of the handful of moves you learn in Insights. I've seen 1000s of online videos, but the first time I saw Danny I knew, I was witnessing something special. Truly unique. His grace, timing, and conviction... I knew instantly I wanted to produce a video with him. I didn't delay. I literally messaged him that same minute and asked for a phone number to set up a shoot. I wanted Danny Goldsmith to be a part of the team.

I can tell you from personal experience, hanging out with Danny will make you a better performer. His touch is not quite like anyone's I've ever seen before. I'm telling you, studying his magic will give you tools and knowledge found no where else. And I can attest, he's made me better. I've learned from his chill style and smart touches that make his coin magic some of the very best on the planet.

Support Danny Goldsmith. You will be glad you did. I guarantee it. Try out this loaded teaching video in the value packed DAVE format. It's a smart move!

Jeff Copeland


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*Please remember with all DAVE products: The video portion may be downloaded and saved to your hard drive or mobile device. Yay! This is just like a traditional download video you may have purchased.

The complete product, including the frame and pictures, known as DAVE streams online and is best viewed on a screen that is 11 inches or larger. This is a super value product, you get the lecture notes and the video together. A bigger screen will help to fit all the information, so you can comfortably read all the details (the text, pictures, and video) in the same space. Awesome!


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