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Take your magic INTO THE 3RD DIMENSION

An exciting new routine from Rick Holcombe!


“This is so surreal...that’s why I love it!”

-Eric Jones


With Recoil, you’ll be able to show your audience how you can soften the metal of a coin & squeeze it down into a ball of silver momentarily…

And then stretch & flatten it back out again into the shape of a coin all while showing your hands otherwise empty…

Transforming the shape back & forth with eye-popping visuals until finally…

The coin visibly STRETCHES & SPRINGS APART like a deck of cards between your hands and then collapses back down into the solid coin they can examine!



After working on variations of this plot (which you may recognize as the Spellbound plot) for over 10 years, Rick has developed a new application which pushes the boundaries taking it where it’s never gone before! 

This offbeat & surprising routine is based on simple-to-learn, beautiful sleights & eliminates the jumping-from-hand-to-hand confusion found in other routines. The audience can follow along with each & every moment. Parts of this routine can even be used in your existing routines to add an exciting visual punch!


  • Recoil includes all instructions, a solid metal ball, and a perfectly sized Slinky® spring.

  • Because coin preferences vary, you will need to bring your own coin for this routine. Rick recommends a silver dollar sized coin, but you may use any size silver coin you already have. If you need a silver coin, after adding Recoil to cart, a pop up window will appear with an offer for greatly reduced prices on our silver coin singles!

  • We also offer an 8oz. Jumbo Ball for an additional cost. That’s right, this ball is half a pound of solid metal! (Our add-on price includes the small shipping premium to mail it to you!) This is a great production item for a kicker ending as seen in the trailer.

  • In the teaching, Rick will break down each part of the routine including multiple versions with step-by-step instructions from multiple angles so you can begin amazing audiences as quickly as possible

  • All the magic is taught through our revolutionary DAVE System (Digital Annotated Video Experience) combining book, pictures, & video all in one to help you learn FASTER THAN EVER!


VISUAL: Recoil allows you to play your magic bigger by literally stretching it 3D! All while taking up minimal pocket space!

VERSATILE: The different phases of this routine can be added into routines you already perform or combined in new ways to create one-of-a-kind presentations! 

VERY UNIQUE: By focusing on transforming the metal properties of the coin, you can create an experience that is clear & easy to follow (a key to strong magic), while being totally different from standard coin tricks.

“Rick’s work is clever, practical, and well-routined with, and this is the best part, a sense of humor and a focus on what the audience experiences.”

-Curtis Kam

“One of the biggest compliments I can say about an effect is that the method is as practical as it is satisfying...and Recoil fits that bill to a tee. Already started using it in my strolling sets and I have a feeling it’s gonna stay in for a long time!”

-Kyle Purnell

Take your magic into another dimension…


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