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A cornerstone gimmick of coin magic!


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If you've been around coin magic for even a short amount of time, you're undoubtedly familiar with the amazing magic made possible with a coin shell.

And if you are new to coin magic, you are in for a real treat when you get your Copeland Coin's Shell. This is gimmick is the real deal. It is simple and effective. Two of the best descriptions to describe a tool that is an everyday worker. Almost any effect with two or more coins can benefit from a shell. It's the incredibly versatile gimmick that it hides in plain sight. 

What's Unique?

The Copeland Coins Tiger-Tan Shell is a beautiful full-coverage shell manufactured from our own Tiger-Tan copper coin.
By minting our own, oversized coin, we eliminate the expansion process of stretching out a coin that is typically used to create a shell.
This means, there is no risk of distortion on the face of the coin that may tip something is off with your coin. And the walls of the shell are as thick as possible while still maintaining a natural appearance.
An additional, a new feature is on the inside of the gimmick. We have added a layer of Kapton Tape. This is the same orange material used by NASA to insulate spacecraft that leave our atmosphere. You've seen it on satellites and rovers. Kapton is an ultra-thin silencer to eliminate much of the noise and prevent scratching when nesting the shell onto another coin. How thin is our insulator? Let's just say that the glue that holds the tape in is actually thicker than the tape itself. This allows our shell to have the thickest metal face possible (giving superior weight) while still having a deep enough cut out to provide full performance coverage over the hidden coin.

Coins come in so many sizes! The Tiger-Tan dollar size shell will fit over almost any U.S. dollar sized coin, including Morgan, Eisenhower, & Peace Dollars. This also includes Copeland Coin's Tiger-Tan Coins, Kingdom Coins and the Copeland Copper Silver Coin with IllusionEdge.

The Half Dollar Tiger-Tan shell is a little more specific. We matched it to the primary coin it needs to cover: a regular Tiger-Tan half dollar sized coin. Therefore, it will also wonderfully cover over Kingdom coins and the Copeland Copper/Silver coin. Unfortunately, to be precise to other Tiger-Tan Coins, the Half-Dollar sized Tiger-Tan shell will NOT fit on the majority of US silver currency. Please remember, shells are used to cover "like style" coins 99% of the time and this precision cut shell will do it's intended job extremely well!

What's Included?

  • Every purchase comes with a meticulously-machined Copeland Shell with Kapton insulation in your selected style.
  • Each shell purchase comes with a FREE fully-loaded, teaching download so you can learn how to perform with a shell! It is so Value packed, it's ridiculous. Learn about the video here.
  • You may choose the option to add on a regular, matching Tiger-Tan Coin for a deep discount. (To perform the two routines in the included video you will need a shell and one matching coin to your shell.) Regular Tiger-Tan Coins are also available with our flagship product: Trésor.

We know you're going to enjoy the amazing magic you can create with this well-designed version of this staple utility gimmick!

Grab yours today & Make Beautiful Magic!

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Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer.

David Kenny,
Critic from Magic Orthodoxy

Another great learning experience from Copeland Coins! Amazing routines and unique handling of the coins. Very pleased with all of Jeff’s incredibly high quality products.

Jack L.,
Reviewing Insights

Exceptional quality and customer service. The money goblet is one of the finest made props I have ever purchased - the quality of the work that has gone into this is second to none, every small detail making for the ultimate version of this effect.

Andrew D.,
Reviewing The Money Goblet
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