Smoke And Mirrors
Smoke And Mirrors
Smoke And Mirrors
Smoke And Mirrors
Smoke And Mirrors
Smoke And Mirrors
Smoke And Mirrors

Smoke And Mirrors

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Smooth & Classy. Our Newest Artist! 


The Curtain Lifts on...Cameron Braxton.

Cameron Braxton is a rising star in the world of coin magic who's spent years perfecting his craft. He has developed his style from some of the best in the field while building his own reputation for his smooth sleights and polished presentations. Over the last decade, Cameron has developed a style that is completely unique - and instantly recognizable.

Effortlessly dapper, a strong voice, and elegant in person, Cameron weaves those very qualities into the fabric of his magic. Clever techniques, inspiring sleights and engaging patter are the tell-tale signs you're witnessing a Braxton routine. Smoke and Mirrors is no exception. 

In this video course, coins vanish, appear, and teleport in a magical, yet natural way- all leading to an astonishing finale that is sure to leave your audience gasping. 

Make sure to grab a copy today, and learn Cameron Braxton's leading routine- Smoke & Mirrors! 

What's Included?

  • A full length tutorial download featuring our D.A.V.E. system.
  • Cameron Braxton will teach you the entire Smoke and Mirrors routine.
  • Two hand transfers with magic wand principle.
  • Novel Coin Vanishes and Appearances.
  • Unique sleights and variations.
  • Tips on prop management and using smoke in magic
  • Alternative handlings using items besides cigars.

What's Unique?

One of the biggest problems we see in coin magic is a tendency to rush through sleights and forget to make each moment magical.

Cameron's relaxing style will teach you to slow down, pace yourself, and allow the audience to enjoy each moment. It's not a race, it's a story. And in your stories, clarity and communication create the strongest effects.

Enjoy the magic of Cameron Braxton. He will make you a better performer!


Due to smoking content, buyers must be 18 years old to purchase this download. 

Copeland Coins does not endorse smoking or the use of tobacco products. Viewers must be of legal age to consume tobacco products. Watch the entire video for the performer's directions to not inhale smoke, and cigar alternatives. Consult a medical professional before choosing to smoke or vape (including no-nicotine vapes). 

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Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer.

David Kenny,
Critic from Magic Orthodoxy

Another great learning experience from Copeland Coins! Amazing routines and unique handling of the coins. Very pleased with all of Jeff’s incredibly high quality products.

Jack L.,
Reviewing Insights

Exceptional quality and customer service. The money goblet is one of the finest made props I have ever purchased - the quality of the work that has gone into this is second to none, every small detail making for the ultimate version of this effect.

Andrew D.,
Reviewing The Money Goblet
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