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Yes! Send give me one FREE month & me $75 in FREE gifts when I join at any level TODAY. 


GET ONE MONTH FREE!!! See full terms below.* Check out with code: BIGDEAL

Copeland Coins invites you to join… The Loop!


Is your magic ready for radical transformation? The Loop is the magic membership that cares for you, the whole magician, through Community, Coaching, and of course, new Copeland Coins!

It's the membership we wanted and we know you will, too! Take a first step in improving your performance. Build your character and strengthen your skills. We'll be right there every step of the way.

Over TWO YEARS in the making and after seven years in business developing the highest quality magic projects, Copeland Coins presents the very best, most comprehensive MAGIC membership EVER! And it is here for YOU!

Just read the reviews!!

Just in...Internet Sensation Doug Conn Live lecture on May 19th!


What's Included?

Each month you’ll receive a premium product delivered at no cost. That's right, one of our world-renowned, quality Premium Products valued up to $39.95USD. These items are designed to enhance your magic, provide value for years to come and elevate your performance above ‘the average magician’.

Monthly products rotate between:

✦ Studio Filmed Digital Download Video: You’ll receive instant access to the latest and greatest magic teaching videos. These digital download videos are fully produced in professional, broadcast quality. 

Meticulously filmed and edited, our videos are the high quality projects that set Copeland Coins apart from every other magic company. 

Why? Because Copeland's teaching videos all utilizes an exclusive teaching method called D.A.V.E.! The Digital Annotated Video Experience. D.A.V.E. makes the learning process deeper, richer, and quicker than any other way to learn sleight of hand. Filmed in an engaging, cinematic style, each lesson is filled with amazing routines taught by an expert performer. 

No other magic brand on the Planet has D.A.V.E. and the unparalleled quality that it brings to you the learner! 

✦ Live Lectures: You’ll be invited to sit down with the Legends of Magic and learn what makes them tick. The intricacies, nuances and thinking that goes into performing world-class magic. Get inspired and learn from the best. 

And these aren't just any Live Lectures...They top tier performer Live lectures! Broadcasted with multiple camera angles and hosted by a Copeland Coins Brand Ambassador, Copeland Live lectures feature on-screen slides with bonus material to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. 

If you miss a live lecture, no problem, you'll receive a digital recording to watch any time you like!

As a Loop Insider, you will be treated to the very best!

✦ Physical Copeland Coins: A two coin set (1 x dollar size and 1 x half dollar size) of our intricately-crafted coins. These coins are designed by magician for magicians to Make Beautiful Magic. 

Our coins are made to enhance your magic by telling a story before the effect even begins. No doubt, the Loop features our best, historical fiction coins yet!

Copeland Coins are minted to perfect shapes, textures, and weights to help you Make Beautiful Magic. Each set is a $30 USD value and also includes FREE global shipping!

Those are the premium products you get as an exclusive Insider member. To be clear, each month you will receive one premium product; either, a DAVE download or a Live lecture or a dollar and half dollar Copeland Coin set. 

The Loop membership is divided into four quarters per year and at the end of the year, you will have 4 of each of these premium items, 12 premium items total!!! 

Sign up NOW for the 2024 Loop membership and we'll even send you over $75 in FREE gifts including our Creatures Collector's Coin Album to hold the first year's coins. (FREE global shipping!)

join now

What Else Do I Get?

The value in Loop Membership could have ended with the Premium Products alone. But, we've gotten even more for you as an Insider...

Next, Copeland Coin Team members, you, and your fellow Loop Insider members create a collective Magic Community.

Coffee shops used to be called ‘Penny Universities’ because people of different experiences and backgrounds would gather together to share ideas for the low price of a one-cent cup of coffee.

As a Loop Insider Member, you’ll be a part of an exclusive community that encourages learning, discussion and sharing all for a modern, low and affordable price.

Most importantly, the Loop community it a place for you to belong. 

Each month we’ll have:

✦ Ask a Coach Q & A: Our in Copeland Coins magician team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Each month, we’ll draw on that experience to answer some of your burning questions. We’ll take a deep dive and break down those fears that stop you from becoming the magician you can be.

All Loop Insiders are invited to submit your videos and questions to be answered by the Copeland Team with suggestions, advice, and even demonstrations to help you Make Beautiful Magic. We'll share our answers with the entire Loop Insider Community and all become stronger!

✦ Super Coin Loops: This is a little sumthin' Jeff Copeland likes to call "Scoops." Each month you will get a pre-recorded practice video taught by a Copeland Coins Contributing Artist. These videos will teach you how to practice like a pro! 

Practice Tip Number One: Learning how to learn is a skill.

Some people can pick up a skill in a matter of weeks, whereas others take years. We’ll share tips, tricks and drills to help you master your craft in an exciting and fun format complete with a mastery check list. Get excited about these "Scoops," another amazing perk of being a Loop Insider

✦ A Live Jam Session: Come join a fun, improvised, interactive jam session where ideas are shared and tricks are created. Get loose, get creative, get inspired. Each Live Jam Session will have a Surprise Guest from the Global Magic Community. Past Copeland Jam guests included artists like Michael Rubinstein,  Giacomo Bertini, and Jeff McBride.

We bring in some big name guests and you won't know who until you join the Jam! ...We'll drop a few hints, but you just never know who might show up!!

You don't want to miss a single one of these Live video conference events! And of course we will record each one for Loop Insiders to watch again anytime.

✦ Community Forum:  In our community discussion, you are able to share videos, pictures, questions, and comments. Insider community guidelines are enforced to make a no judgment zone, so that every member is welcome to grow and develop. 

Post your ideas and routines or share thoughts and encouragements to others so we all grow stronger together!

Join the Loop and contribute! Be a hero and share your valuable presence and material!

What!? There is Still More?

At Copeland Coins, we've built a brand on working hard to provide superior Customer Care. And with The Loop Inner Secrets Magic Community, we are taking it to the next level!

We care about those who support us. As part of joining The Loop you’ll also receive:

✦ Early Access: Be the first to gain access to the latest Copeland Coins releases.

Get some practice time in and get ahead of the curve. Loop Insider Members will be delivered all D.A.V.E. downloads, Live Lectures, and New Copeland Coins Brand Coins at least one week before the general public has the opportunity to purchase these items individually (And the general public must purchase each item at full retail price). 

As well, Copeland Coins will continue to release new magic tricks and props outside the Loop Membership Plan, but Insider Members will receive special early access to these new products, too!

 Copeland Care: Worried about breaking your props?

Worry no more. Copeland Care is a prop protection plan that's got you covered! If you break a Copeland Coins brand prop, we’ll fix it!**

No other magic company ON THE PLANET dares to offer such value. We stand behind everything we sell and we know that sometimes accidents happen. We've made this possible, just for Loop Members, so you can keep your Copeland Coins magic props performing for years to come even when the unexpected happens.

Peace of mind: priceless monthly value... but if we had to sell it separately the protection plan would be $120 USD/year value

✦ Extra Savings: Not only do Insider Members get early access to new products and protection for their products...They also save 5% off these new products!!!

Every day is a sale day for Loop Insiders! Any Copeland Coins brand product (including both new and classic products) will be 5% off the regular everyday price for Insiders!*

The more you spend, the more you save! It's just one more, icing on the cake, member perk you get for joining us in The Loop! (5% off savings value!)

Sign up Bonuses!

The Loop is absolutely the best deal in magic!

But to sweeten the DEAL...We will give you over $75 USD in FREE physical gifts when you join!'

✦ Custom Coin Album to collect your membership coins. See the image of the Creatures Album in the product images above. It's awesome! Collect your coins inside. ($20 value)

"The Loop" Inauguration Coin. Celebrate being a founding member with this limited edition coin. We are only minting enough for the first 500 members! ($20 value)

✦ A special limited edition, red colored Copeland Decoder Coin. You'll use this secret decoder coin to unlock the passwords that give access to your membership included videos. Fun! ($20 value)

✦ The Coin Card: a unique, custom-designed, and handy device to carry your coins inside your billfold wallet. It's the size of a credit card and holds two coins. ($12 value.)

✦ Copeland Coins Brand Sticker: let everyone know you are a proud member of Copeland Coins' Loop Inner Secrets Magic Community. It's a great way to start a conversation that could lead into you performing your newest magic learned in The Loop!  ($5 value)

Be a 2024 Founding Member.
What are you waiting for, Get In The Loop Now!

Gold Insider Status

For many members, this is the perfect deal! It doesn't get any better than Gold Insider Status.

You will get all the Insider benefits mentioned above, the FREE Bonuses, AND our TOP SHELF VIP member perks. 

It's called Gold Insider! Here are the best, extra perks we have to offer:

✦ Double Your Coin Sets! That's right, double 'em. We will be sending out four dollar and half dollar custom Copeland Coin sets during your membership. When you become a Gold Insider Member, you'll now get EIGHT coin sets, or 16 coins total!

We know that many of you want to collect and save your pristine new coins in the FREE Collector's album with no scratches or dents. It's always a good idea to have a spare. If you ever loose one, that back up will be right there ready to Make Beautiful Magic! 

Our number one request on the website is for extras of our custom coins. Now it's more affordable than ever! For a fraction of retail price, our Gold Insiders will receive TWO  of each coin we release in 2024: a coin to play with and a coin to cherish! That's 16 coins total. ($120 USD/year value)

✦ Priority Email Support. At Copeland Coins, you already know that we desire to have the best customer service and user experience in the business.

And as a Gold Insider Member, it gets even better! You will get priority email response during out normal business hours. Contact us through the Loop app and your message will be the first we check each day, and the last messages we check before leaving the office, ensuring your issues are responded first! We will serve you well.

 FREE Global Shipping!  It's hard to image, but it's true. We will ship all of your purchases at to anywhere on the Planet for FREE! 

Every purchase you make, will ship for FREE!

A super special perk ONLY for Gold Insider Members. See all terms and details.*** (Estimated value up to $100 USD/yr.)

  Super Coupon Book: On Top of your 5% savings, what about extra savings? or even getting valuable items for FREE?

As a Gold Insider member you will get a premium coupon book with vouchers valued over $170 USD! Coupons like save $25 off one single purchase, Buy One Get One FREE and more!

 FREE one hour private lesson. What!? That's right, a free private coaching session from one of our expert teachers.

These deals are out of this World! When we launch our private lessons in the Spring of 2024, your first lesson is on us just for being a Gold Insider Member. (up to $75USD value)

Gold Insider status is an additional $400 yearly savings PLUS what you save on FREE Global Shipping! But it only costs you a few more pennies a day (over 80% savings)!

Double your coins, get FREE Global Shipping, FREE private lesson and all the other extras...$400 dollars in savings! That's the Gold Insider Status that you deserve. Sign up TODAY!


Frequently Asked Questions:


When do my membership gifts mail?

We make all attempts to ship your gifts within 5 business days of joining the Loop.


Is the membership cumulative of past monthly items?

Unfortunately, not. You will only get the items included in the months that you pay for. Premium products are not cumulative as they have specific release dates. For example, if you were not a member when the January 2024 coin sets shipped out, you will not receive them as a new member. You will however be able to use your Loop Insider 5% discount and Gold Insider 5% discount and FREE shipping to purchase these past coin sets! Join today and do not miss any new content!!

Can you tell me more?

This product listing attempts to break down all the details of the full value of The Loop Membership!

It really is an amazing deal!

Seriously, with all the The Loop Membership Perks you are getting well over $150 in monthly value. The Gold Insider level saves even more!

Throw-in that you save 5% on everyday regular-priced purchases and you could have, for example, a broken Copeland Coin Shell fixed for free...You have the greatest value in all of Magic today!

Any questions can be sent to


Is there a guarantee on delivery?

Of course! At Copeland Coins we have a strong reputation in the magic community, just read any of our 1000+ five star reviews found across magic sites all over the Internet! We stand behind our membership and delivery. If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time and you will not be billed again. But, why would you ever want to cancel? We aim to impress and welcome you into our insider community!



* 5% off savings is good for Copeland Coin brand products that are regular price. For example: All wallets, coin boxes, and gaff coins would be 5% off their regular prices. The CoinMagic book by Richard Kaufman is not a Copeland brand item, it will not be discounted. Unfortunately, this amazing discount cannot be combined with discount codes. The Loop membership is already a discounted price, so it is not eligible for additional 5% savings.

**Copeland Care has a small, reasonable deductible for some items and real silver coins. Copeland Care does not cover theft, loss, scratches, or general aesthetic wear and tear. See All Terms Here.

*** Gold Insider FREE Global Shipping is limited to 8 physical shipments or $100 USD total of free shipping. This makes our Gold Insider membership an incredible value. For 95% of our global customers this will cover 5-8 physical orders a year!!

See all The Loop terms and conditions and product pricing valuation here.


*Let's Make it Fair and Clear. The FREE MONTH Promotion Rules:

  1. We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.
  2. Using this promo code is an agreement for a three month minimum subscription. User will be billed for a minimum of three months. After the three months, the user may cancel at any time. If the terms of this discount offer are not acceptable, please do not use this code and purchase your membership without the discount. 
  3. Promo code BIGDEAL will take 33% off any LOOP membership for three months. After the three month promotional period ends, the Loop membership will revert to it's original full monthly price.
  4. Three months at a 33% off discount equals one month at 99% discount. To make up the remaining 1% discount that would equal a 100% discount, Copeland Coins is generously offering $75 USD in free gifts to each new member.
  5. Using discount code BIGDEAL is a contractual agreement to remain a member for three months. After the first three months of membership expire, members may cancel their membership by following the simple steps in their membership account.
  6. Discount will not be applied to fees (if any) or taxes including VAT or import fees from International sales. For international customers, discounts will be labeled at the lowest possible declared value for tax purposes. NOTE: Buyers outside of the USA are responsible for any added on Government import fees.
  7. Good for first time, new members only.
  8. Not valid on previous purchases.
  9. One discount per customer, per address, per account, and/or per household.
  10. Must use discount code at time of purchase.
  11. Not valid with most other offers. Not valid with any other Loop discount. Some discounts and promotions for other products may combine, but you must manually enter in each code to try them. The system will automatically give the best discount possible. No promotional gift cards please. 
  12. Limited time only.

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