Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!
Upgrade Your Membership!

Upgrade Your Membership!

Regular price $34.41 Sale price$9.00 Save $25.41

Get the very best of your Loop Insider membership. Upgrade to Gold Insider Membership today and get value on top of value at a price that can't be beat!


Double Your Coins + FREE Global Shipping + Over $245 USD of Savings!


If you are subscribed to The Loop,  you can purchase this Gold Insider Membership Upgrade to receive these incredible upgrades:*

1. Double Your Coin Sets! This means every time you receive a shipment of our newest coin set (1 dollar size + 1 half dollar size) you receive not one but TWO coin sets (four coins total), so you can have 1 set to practice/perform with and 1 set to collect in pristine condition. ($120 value/yr)

2. ¡FREE Global Shipping! It's hard to image, but it's true. We will ship any purchase at CopelandCoins.com to anywhere on the Planet for FREE! A super special perk ONLY for Gold Insider Members. See all terms and details.* (Estimated value up to $100 USD/yr)

3. Priority Support! At Copeland Coins, we are proud to offer some of the best customer service of any magic store on the Internet. For Gold Insiders, we are going to make it even better. If you ever have a question or concern, email us with "Gold Insider" in the subject line and you will get bumped to the top of our email cue.* (peace of mind value)

4. Free Private Lesson! In 2024 we will be launching private lessons with some of the greatest sleight of hand teachers of our day. Gold Insider members will get their first lesson for FREE! (Up to a $75 USD value) 

5. $170 USD of Savings! Our high-value super coupon book is a treasure trove of surprising deals on all sorts of products on the site. Get upgrades, FREE items, and extra discounts not offered to anyone but you! (Up to $170 USD value*)

Join The Loop now and add-on this incredible Membership Upgrade today! By purchasing this upgrade you are agreeing to an increase in your Loop Insider membership rate each delivery period.

All Gold Insider Loop member details:

*Only joining members of The Loop can purchase this Gold Insider upgrade. Do not purchase if you are already a Gold Insider Member or are not a Loop insider. By purchasing this upgrade you are authorizing Copeland Coins to upgrade your monthly or yearly membership price. Only purchase the membership status that corresponds to your membership. For example, if you are on monthly plan, upgrade to monthly Gold Insider status. If on the yearly plan, upgrade to yearly.

* FREE Global shipping is good for up to $100USD per year and no more than 8 physical shipments per year. Copeland Coins reserves the right to limit members who attempt to abuse this privilege or ask Copeland Coins to ship an excessive amount of packages in small orders that generate unnecessary labor and carbon emissions. If a member appears to be reckless or is attempting to take advantage of this generous offer Copeland Coins reserves the right to bundle shipments or limit free shipments.

* Priority Support can only take place during normal business hours. To best serve our customers and families, there are certain hours, particularly on weekends, that we cannot response to messages.

*Free Private Lessons will start around Spring of 2024. Only active Gold Insider Members with at least 3 months of membership will be eligible for this reward.

* Super Coupon Book offers are customer email and account specific offers. Only active, paid Gold Insider Loop members will be able to receive these benefits. Super Coupon Book will be delivered within 20 days of membership launch.

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Some of the best coin instruction, or magic instruction I have ever seen from a producer. Jeff Copeland really cares about his product and he really cares about you as a consumer.

David Kenny,
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