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Copeland Coins Welcomes Vanish Magazine Subscribers!


Dear Friends of Vanish,

Thank you for visiting my store. I appreciate that you took the time to click my ad. Copeland Coins is a small but growing shop. What we lack in quantity, we more than make up for in QUALITY. 

Creating good stuff takes time and we are in no rush. I won't put my name on it until the idea is fully baked and ready to be presented to you, my friends.

This shop isn't like others. Here you'll just find unique goods specifically for performing coin magic. But pick something up and you'll quickly see why we have so many repeat customers, who even buy the same item twice.

But there truly is something for everyone, even if you don't consider yourself a "coin magician." I'm here to help and give you tools. Card magic folks love it, too. 

Most of all, I want you to learn and have fun doing it! That is why I've introduced my own product line featuring custom coins that are beautiful and conversational. And I have developed an original teaching system. It's called DAVE, and you can read more about it in my exclusive products, like Trésor. DAVE is really making an impact in the community and customers are loving the incredible value price!

Give something new a try here today. You'll love the attention to detail and craftsmanship of everything sold. I personally guarantee it.

So go ahead and get on your journey through the shop. Click the Copeland Coins logo above to be redirected to the home page.

Make Beautiful Magic,

Jeff Copeland